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Your Phone

Send Settings

You will need extra settings if you have just moved to Tesco Mobile or if you have moved your SIM card to another phone. These settings ensure that you are able to use your data and send/receive MMS (picture messages) with your new phone.

Click here to be redirected to our partner site for sending settings.

Using the link above, you can send settings to your phone. Choose your phone make and model, enter your number and we will send the settings to you via text. Alternatively if you don’t know your make and model you can search by IMEI, this can be found by dialling *#06# on your phone. Follow the instructions provided to install the settings.

It is recommended that you download these settings before you roam.

Unlocking your phone

What’s an unlock code?

Unlocking your phone enables you to use another network SIM card in your phone. You need an unlock code in order to do this.

Can I use another networks phone with Tesco Mobile?

If you've brought your phone from another network, you may need to have your phone unlocked. If so, you will need to contact your previous network provider, quoting your phone IMEI, which can be found by dialing *#06#.
Please note that all networks will have terms and conditions for unlocking phones.

Can I unlock my Tesco Mobile phone?

Prepay Customers – The phone that you are requesting to be unlocked, must be topped up by a minimum €150 or be on Tesco Mobile Network for 9 months or more

Capped Plan / SIM Only Customers – The account must have paid bills in excess of €150 or be with Tesco Mobile for 9 months or more.

Bill Pay Plans – There is no charge for unlocking your phone, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract being fully met.

How do I request an unlock code?

You can request a code by going to the 'e-mail us' section of Contact Tesco Mobile page
Please ensure you provide the IMEI of your phone. This can be found on the box of the phone, underneath the battery, or by dialing *#06#. 

When will I receive my code?

This can vary and can take 3 -21 days depending on the make/model of your phone. We will request your Unlock code within 24 hours of receiving your request. Once we have the Unlock code for the phone, we will send it to you via text, along with the instructions for entering the code.

How do I enter the code?

Each phone is different so you will need instructions specific to your phone. Once we have the Unlock code for the phone, we will send it to you, via text, along with the instructions for entering the code.


Within 14 Days of Purchase.

If your phone becomes faulty within the first 14 days of purchase, we offer a no quibble refund service. If your phone was bought in a Tesco store, please return it fully boxed and including accessories such as battery, headset, charger and SIM card to the customer services desk in store. You will need to provide your receipt as proof of purchase.

If you purchased your phone online, please contact customer care on 1749, and we will log a return for you. 

Over 14 Days, but Less than 1 Year

Most phone manufacturers offer a warranty of 1 year on phones, and 6 months on accessories such as the battery or the charger. To log a repair, contact Customer Care on 1749.  When returning the phone for repair, we recommend that you send your phone by registered post. Please keep a record of the IMEI number of your phone to check the status of your repair on our repair partner's site, . Please be aware that your warranty does not cover physical or moisture damage.

Repair if your Phone is More than 1 Year Old

If your phone is more than 1 year old or the repair is outside of warranty, we can still send your phone for repair. Please contact us on 1749 or 089 420 0000, where we can arrange for you to send your phone to our repair partner. Please keep a record of the IMEI number of your phone to check the status of your repair on our repair partners website, . If there is a charge for repairing your phone, a member of the repair company will contact you with an estimate before mending the phone.

If you are happy with the repair quote, payment will be taken via credit/debit card. If you would like your phone returned, without being repaired, then there will be a €10 administration fee.

If you prefer, you can call into Fonfix directly. They are located at 1 Sandyford Park, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair your Phone?

If your phone is covered under warranty, then the repair will be free. The warranty will not cover misuse, physical or moisture damage. If the repair is not covered by warranty, then a member of the repair company will contact you with a quote. If you decide not to go ahead with the repair, or if it is deemed ‘beyond economical repair’, there will be a €10 fee for returning your phone to you.  Tracking the progress of your repair

  • Log onto and enter the IMEI number of your phone
  • You can locate the IMEI on the box of the phone, underneath the battery or by dialling *#06#.
  • For further details of our Returns Policy, please check our Terms & Conditions.

PIN / PUK Codes

PIN Code

The PIN code is located on the back of the booklet that came with your new SIM card. If you have forgotten this number, there are a couple of options to retrieve it.

You can log into My Tesco Mobile and under the Details tab on the left hand menu, you will find both the PIN code and the PUK code for your SIM card.

Alternatively, you can contact us and we can retrieve this for you.
We recommend that you change your PIN code to something that's easy to remember. The instructions to do this will be included in the manual that came with your phone.

PUK Code

A phone will ask for the PUK code if the PIN number has been entered incorrectly more than 3 times.

The PUK code is located on the back of the booklet that came with your new SIM card. It can also be found by going to and logging into My Tesco Mobile. Under PUK details, you will find both the PIN code and the PUK code for your SIM card.

Alternatively, you can contact us and we can retrieve this for you.

PIN Blocked

If the display shows 'PIN blocked' or 'Enter PUK', you or someone else may have entered your phones PIN incorrectly three times. You will need your PUK code to unlock your phone. 

When you first bought your Tesco Mobile phone or SIM card, you would have received details of your PUK. If you no longer have that then call Customer Care on 1749 from your Tesco Mobile (calls cost 20c regardless of duration) or on 089 420 0000 from any other phone (costs from other providers will vary). 

You can also log onto your account on My Tesco Mobile to retrieve your PUK code.

If the PUK code is entered incorrectly 10 times, you will get the error message.
You will then need a SIM card replacement. Please call to your nearest Tesco store or order a new SIM card online.

Once you have the SIM card, please contact us on 1749 and we can transfer your number to the new SIM.


Lost / Stolen Phones

If your phone is lost or stolen, call us on 089 420 0000 or 1749 call us any time day or night and we can block your phone so no one else can use it.

We can send you another SIM card, or you can pick one up in your nearest Tesco store. and we'll transfer your mobile number and credit. Please report the loss to the Gardaí and Tesco Mobile Customer Care within 24 hours if your mobile phone is covered by insurance. 

Nuisance Calls

If you are receiving nuisance calls, we would suggest you report this to the Gardaí. You can list your number as ‘ex-directory’ on this site under the ‘My Tesco Mobile’ section or you can call us on 1749 and we can do this for you. We can also change your number for you, if necessary.

Accessing Services

Premium Texts

Tesco Mobile has a regulatory obligation to allow third party service providers to access our network once their service has been authorised by the Regulator for Premium Rate Services (Comreg). Comreg is an independent body responsible for regulating the content and promotion of premium rate telecommunication services in Ireland.

You can cancel these messages by replying STOP or by sending STOP to the 5 digit code number the messages are coming from. 

Text Messages

If you cannot send text messages please check the service centre number on your phone. You will find this in the settings option of the messages menu on your phone. The service centre number should be stored as +353894300000.

Call Me

This service allows you to send a free text message to any Irish mobile asking them to call you.
Type "callme" followed by the mobile number you want to send the text to, and send to 1744. e.g "callme 0891234567"
The recipient will then receive a text message asking them to call you.

Check your Balance

To check your main balance, dial *100# and call.
To check your remaining data on your data bundle, dial *100*6# and call.

Voicemail settings

Voicemail – How to Set it Up

All new customer are set up with voicemail, and you only need to call 171 to personalise it. 

There are three steps to personalising your voicemail. 

Step 1 – setting up a voicemail pin number.

Step 2 – setting up a voicemail greeting.

Step 3 – activating your call diverts.

Setting Up a New Voicemail PIN Number

When you first call your voicemail, you will be asked to choose a PIN number for your voicemail. You will need to use this PIN number if you are checking your voicemail messages from another line.

We recommend that you choose a number that is easy to remember.

If you want to change your voicemail PIN at any time, call 173 from your mobile phone. 

If you forget your voicemail PIN, just call us on 1749 and we will reset it.

Personalised Voicemail Greeting

Tesco Mobile already provides a default greeting but if you wish to record your own greeting, you can do so the first time you call 171, or at any other time by following the below steps. 

Dial 172 from your mobile phone, then press 3 to select your Personal Options and then press 3 again to set up or change your personal greeting:

Press 1 to record a new personal greeting.
Press 2 to listen to your current greeting.
Press 3 to record a name tag.
Press 4 to listen to your name tag.

Activating Voicemail Diverts

How you set this up will vary according to your mobile phone but for most phones you can try:

Select 'Menu', then 'Settings', then 'Call', then 'Call Diverts’, 'Voicemail Number'.

Your Voicemail box number is your existing number with a “5” added after the mobile prefix. For example, if your number is 089 123 4567, then your voicemail number would be 089 5 123 4567.

You can also use the below short code to set up diverts:
Dial **004*voicemail number#  and call.

Once your Voicemail is Set Up

You will be notified by text when you receive a new voicemail message.

To listen to your messages, dial 171 from your mobile phone, and press option 1 to listen to your messages.

How to Cancel your Call Diverts

If you would prefer not to have your voicemail service switched on, you can turn it off from your mobile phone. The steps for this will vary depending on what phone you have but for most phones you can take the following steps.

Go to the menu on your phone and select settings.
Then choose 'Call', then 'Call Divert' and then 'Cancel all Diverts'.

Alternatively, simply dial ##002# and call.

Managing your Mailbox

Your mailbox can hold up to 10 minutes worth of messages. Old messages will be saved automatically, unless you delete them. We will send you a text message to let you know when your mailbox is full.

Accessing your Voicemail from Another Phone

Just call 089 430 2000, then enter your mobile numb‚Äčer and then your voicemail PIN. If you have forgotten your voicemail PIN, please call us and we will be able to reset your PIN to a default PIN.


There are 2 ways to be notified that you’ve been left a voicemail message. You can choose to be notified by text message, or by a call, or by both. To set this up, press 6, then choose the option for turning on or off these notification methods. 


We want all of our customers to be able to get the most from Tesco Mobile. Here are the services we already have available, but contact us if you need more information.

Phone Information

We offer a wide range of mobile phones with lots of accessible features. The list below will help you choose a phone that suits your needs. There’s also a link to an easy search function that helps you find suitable smartphone apps from the GARI website (Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative), and if you would like any help or advice, please contact us.


  • Phone Volume - Phones with a loud maximum volume can make life easier.
  • Vibrate - Vibrate options are available on most phones.
  • Hands free –in-ear headsets can cut out background noise and help you hear the conversation better.
  • Text message friendly - a large screen and predictive text can help you communicate more comfortably by text message.
  • Neckloop - some phones are compatible with inductive neckloops so the sound from your phone can be sent wirelessly to your hearing aid.
  • To search the GARI website for Apps for hearing click here

Mobility & Dexterity

  • Buttons - large phone buttons can be easier to grip and use.
  • Speed/Speech dialling - speech-activated dialling or speed dialling features make it easier to dial numbers you contact regularly.
  • Text features - Features like predictive text will reduce the number of keystrokes needed to send a text.
  • To search the GARI website for Apps for Mobility & Dexterity click here


  • Easy-to-use keypad –large buttons, back-lit keys or sound or touch feedback can help you use the keypad.
  • Clear display - Some phones will allow you to change the font size, and backlighting on the screen can make it easier to read.
  • Speech recognition – Most modern phones allow you to dial a number by speaking the name or number.
  • Personalised ringtones – give different contacts their own ringtones, so you know who’s calling you.
  • Cameras - the zoom feature on a camera phone can be used to magnify things.
  • Speaking software – text-to-speech software can be installed on some phones so you can listen to text you have trouble reading.
  • To search the GARI website for Apps for vision click here

Accessibility Apps

The GARI (Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative) website can help you find apps to help you and give you advice on the right device for you.

Billing & Customer Support Information

We can provide your bill in different formats; to find out more, and request the right billing format for you, please contact us.

112 – The EU Emergency Phone Number: SMS Service

The 112 SMS services lets deaf, hard of hearing and speed-impaired people in the Republic of Ireland send an SMS text message to the Emergency Call Answering Service (ECAS), where it will be passed to An Garda Síochána, the Ambulance service, the Fire service, or the Irish Coastguard. The ECAS operator will act as a relay between the texter and the required emergency service.

You must register for the service on

Registering your requirements

You can register your requirements including any authorised account contact information, product and service preferences, billing requirements, equipment preferences and preferred means of contact.

Directory Enquiries 196

If you have a vision impairment and have difficulty reading the phone book, you can register to use a free directory enquiry service. Contact 1800 574 574 to obtain a registration form and once you have completed this, you will be sent a PIN number by post. Dial 196 and quote your name and PIN number to use this service.

Full details of the service can be found on

Useful Links

Please see a list of other organisations that may be useful

iPhone Operating Systems

Apple regularly updates the software on your iPhone, to find out what version of the Operating System you are on (IOS) follow the below steps. This information is useful to enable initial configuration on the Tesco Mobile network and Tethering.

  1. From the Settings menu select General.
  2. Within this menu then select the About option.
  3. Scroll down until you see the menu item called Version.
  4. The version of your Operating System (IOS) is displayed as per the graphic below. 

When setting up, hard resetting or updating your Apple device software, your apple device will automatically send a text to configure your device for Face-time and iMessage. This is an international text, which may cost up to 20c. All international charges can be found here

Irish Text Relay Service

Tesco Mobile are pleased to support the Irish Text Relay Service to our customers.

ITRS translates text into voice and voice into text to facilitate a person with a hearing disability in making and receiving calls in the Republic of Ireland. Calls are relayed through our ITRS agents who performs this translation.

The ITRS service is operated by eir serving the customers of Three, eir, Meteor, Sky, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Media, and Vodafone and is funded by each of these operators. ITRS now incorporates multimedia access via new app services and will supplement the existing Minicom service from May 31st 2017.

To find out more information on ITRS please click here

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