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Tesco Mobile Roam Like Home

With Tesco Mobile, you can use your Plan within the EU just like you would at home in Ireland at no extra cost! This means that if you’re travelling within the EU and want to call/text another EU country or use data you’ll pay the same price as you would at home. It's also free to receive calls and texts from home when you are travelling in Europe. Data usage may be subject to a Fair Usage Policy

What are my in bundle allowances when I’m travelling within the EU?

Your allowances will be the same as at home except when there is a fair usage policy applied for data. Our most popular Bill pay plans are listed in the table below as examples.

If your plan is not listed or you want to double check your allowance simply free text the word ROAM to 1744 and you will receive an automated response with your data roaming allowance. This number is free to text from Ireland or the EU.

You will also receive an automated text with your roaming allowances when you arrive at your roaming destination. What’s more, we’ll notify you by text message when you reach 80% of your allowance and 100% of your allowance, ensuring you are in control of your usage and spend.

When you use part of your allowance while EU roaming it will be taken from your total monthly allowance. For example if you have 15GB of data available before you roam and you use 1GB while EU roaming your total monthly balance when you return home will be 14GB.

As part of the EU Roaming Regulation, the amount of data that you can use under our Fair Use Policy will be increasing.

EU Data Fair Use Allowances:


EU Data Roaming fair usage
Tesco Mobile price plan Minutes Texts Domestic Data From 1st Jan 2023 From 1st Jan 2024
€20 Bill pay 250 250 10GB 10.00GB 10.00GB
€30 Bill pay 500 500 50GB 27.10GB 32.52GB
€35 Bill pay 1,000 1,000 Unlimited 31.62GB 32.52GB
€40 Bill pay 2,000 2,000 Unlimited 32.52GB 32.52GB
€45 Bill pay 10,000 10,000 Unlimited 40.65GB 40.65GB
€50 Bill pay 10,000 10,000 Unlimited 40.65GB 40.65GB
€10 SIM 100 100 1GB 1.00GB 1.00GB
€15 Family SIM 300 300 Unlimited 13.55GB 15.74GB
€20 All-in 10,000 10,000 100GB 18.07GB 20.98GB

Fair usage policy applied to data allowance. The EU data roaming fair usage limits have been calculated in accordance with the guidelines provided by the European Commission – see

International minutes are for landlines & mobile calls to Poland, UK, Lithuania, Romania, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, China & India when dialled from the Republic of Ireland only. For €40, €45 and €50 plans, this also includes calls to Australia and New Zealand.

What is it going to cost me if I go over my bundle allowances?

Calls, texts or data usage outside of your allowances while roaming will be charged at the same standard out of bundle rates as you would be charged at home.

For example, from 1st Jan 2024 a customer on €20 All in plan has an allowance of 21GB while roaming within the EU. If this customer uses more than their roaming data allowance while roaming within the EU, yet remains within their domestic data allowance they will be charged an additional fee (see table below) until they reach the domestic allowance of this plan which is 100GB. If the customer exceeds the 100GB domestic allowance they will be charged the same standard out of bundle rates as you would be charged at home.

From 1st Jan 2022 From 1st July 2022 From 1st Jan 2023 From 1st Jan 2024 From 1st Jan 2025 From 1st Jan 2026 From 1st Jan 2027 - 2032
Additional fee is the regulated wholesale rate for data services inc. VAT per MB and charged per MB 0.30c 0.24c 0.22c 0.19c 0.16c 0.13c 0.12c

To review the standard out of bundle rates you are charged at home or while roaming in the EU simply check your latest bill at
For more information please call 1743 or click here for full EU roaming terms and conditions.

Is there a maximum amount that I can be charged for data roaming?

To protect you against excess roaming bills we have set a limit on the amount that you can be billed. Your limit is set at €61.50 (outside of your monthly charge). Therefore you cannot be charged more than this for roaming unless you remove the limit.
Once you reach 80% of this limit we will send you a text to let you know. When you reach 100% you will get another text message. At that point your phone will not work for any billable activity such as an outbound call, text message or data usage.

From 1 July 2022, if you want to remove this limit simply text REMCAP1 to 1744.

From 1 July 2022, as an added protection for our customers, we have also introduced a second limit at €123.00 outside of your monthly charge so you cannot be charged more than this for roaming unless you remove this limit by texting REMCAP2 to 1744.

(Please note: MMS messaging is not available while roaming)

For more information please call 1903 when in Ireland or if roaming call 1743 or click here for full EU roaming terms and conditions.

Emergency Services while Roaming

For emergency services while roaming in the EU free call 112. Alternative means of access to emergency services may also be available in the visited EU country. For more information, see the following website:

Value Added Services while Roaming

Use of value added services e.g. premium, free or lo-call, while roaming can result in higher charges. For more information, see:

Roaming services may vary from those that you enjoy in ROI (including but not limited to speed, latency and/or the availability of roaming services) due to various factors including but not limited to coverage, topography and/or technology. Certain types of services may also be subject to increased charges when roaming, including but not limited to premium rate, freephone and/or low cost numbers. For more information, see: If you have any issue/complaint, please see our Code of Practice and complaint handling procedures: