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Our Coverage

Network Coverage

Tesco Mobile uses the Three network, one of the biggest and fastest networks in Ireland with 99.7% population coverage for calls and texts, 99.3% coverage for 3G data services and 99% for 4G services - so we have you covered pretty much everywhere!

4G (also known as LTE) offers mobile data speeds up to ten times faster than 3G.

The coverage map is indicative and not a guarantee of Service availability

Access to 4G is strictly subject to a customer’s handset 4G capability, 4G network coverage and plan.

What do I need to get 4G with Tesco Mobile?

1) Be on a 4G plan – that means any Bill Pay plan or the new €15 Prepay plan here

2) Have a phone that can handle 4G

3) Be in a 4G coverage area as shown in the map above

4) Make sure that 4G is switched on in your phone settings

Estimated maximum speeds:
  • 4G download 10Mb/s; 4G upload speed is 35% of download;
  • 3G download 1Mb/s. 3G upload speed is 20% of download;
  • 2G download is 59Kbps. 2G upload speed is 24kbps.
Mobile internet speeds can be affected by external factors including but not limited to (a) the location of the user, (b) device capability (mobile phone, modem/dongle), (c) distance of user from the serving site, (d) number of users active on the site, (e) location of the device if using indoors and (f) topographical issues that arise in the case of valleys, mountainous terrain, trees, buildings and other obstructions. In the case of indoor use, advances in building insulation can also negatively impact service and speed. Within this, there may be areas where you do not have access to all Services or where coverage is otherwise limited or unavailable.
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