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We want all of our customers to be able to get the most from Tesco Mobile. Here are the services we already have available, but contact us if you need more information.

Click here for our Accessibility Statement.

Handset Information

We offer a wide range of mobile phones with lots of accessible features. The list below will help you choose a phone that suits your needs. There’s also a link to an easy search function that helps you find suitable smartphone apps from the GARI website (Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative), and if you would like any help or advice, please contact us.


  • Phone Volume - Phones with a loud maximum volume can make life easier.
  • Vibrate - Vibrate options are available on most phones.
  • Hands free –in-ear headsets can cut out background noise and help you hear the conversation better.
  • Text message friendly - a large screen and predictive text can help you communicate more comfortably by text message.
  • Neckloop - some phones are compatible with inductive neckloops so the sound from your phone can be sent wirelessly to your hearing aid.
  • To search the GARI website for Apps for hearing click here

Mobility & Dexterity

  • Buttons - large phone buttons can be easier to grip and use.
  • Speed/Speech dialling - speech-activated dialling or speed dialling features make it easier to dial numbers you contact regularly.
  • Text features - Features like predictive text will reduce the number of keystrokes needed to send a text.
  • To search the GARI website for Apps for Mobility & Dexterity click here


  • Easy-to-use keypad –large buttons, back-lit keys or sound or touch feedback can help you use the keypad.
  • Clear display - Some phones will allow you to change the font size, and backlighting on the screen can make it easier to read.
  • Speech recognition – Most modern phones allow you to dial a number by speaking the name or number.
  • Personalised ringtones – give different contacts their own ringtones, so you know who’s calling you.
  • Cameras - the zoom feature on a camera phone can be used to magnify things.
  • Speaking software – text-to-speech software can be installed on some phones so you can listen to text you have trouble reading.
  • To search the GARI website for Apps for vision click here

Accessibility Apps

The GARI (Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative) website can help you find apps to help you and give you advice on the right device for you.

Billing and Customer Contractual Information

If you find it difficult to read printed text, there are other ways you can access your billing and contractual information. To request the right billing format for you, please contact a member of our customer service team. Should you require a copy of your contractual information, including a Contract Summary, in any particular format, please let us know. We will also use your preferred medium of communication to notify of you of any proposed changes to your contract (and inform you of your rights should you not accept the proposed changes) and Tesco Mobile Best Plan Advice as your minimum term/contract comes to an end and annually thereafter, if applicable. See below for the multiple ways you can contact Customer Care.

How to Top Up & Manage Your Spend

Topping up with Tesco mobile is simple, easy and uncomplicated. You can top up using our Tesco Mobile App or Online via the website (using your handset or pc); using a voucher you can use the IVR or top up via SMS. AIB customers can also top up using their online accounts click here for more details on the options available . You can also manage your account using the Tesco Mobile App.

112 – The EU Emergency Phone Number: SMS Service

The 112 SMS services lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the Republic of Ireland send an SMS text message to the Emergency Call Answering Service (ECAS), where it will be passed to An Garda Síochána, the Ambulance service, the Fire service, or the Irish Coastguard. The ECAS operator will act as a relay between the texter and the required emergency service.

You must register for the service on

For emergency services while roaming in the EU, free call 112. Alternative means of access to emergency services may also be available in the visited EU country.

Registering your requirements

You can register your requirements including any authorised account contact information, product and service preferences, billing requirements, equipment preferences and preferred means of contact by calling Customer Care using the means detailed below.

Irish Text Relay Service – ITRS

Tesco Mobile are pleased to support the Irish Text Relay Service to our customers.

ITRS translates text into voice and voice into text to facilitate a person with a hearing disability in making and receiving calls in the Republic of Ireland. Calls are relayed through our ITRS agents who performs this translation.

The ITRS service is operated by eir serving the customers of Three, eir, Meteor, Sky, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Media, and Vodafone and is funded by each of these operators. ITRS now incorporates multimedia access via new app services and will supplement the existing Minicom service from May 31st 2017.

To find out more information on ITRS please click here.

Directory Enquiries 196

If you have a vision impairment and have difficulty reading the phone book, you can register to use a free directory enquiry service. Contact 1800 574 574 to obtain a registration form and once you have completed this, you will be sent a PIN number by post. Dial 196 and quote your name and PIN number to use this service.

Full details of the service can be found on

Phone Testing & Returns

If you have purchased a handset in-store and you use a hearing aid//cochlear implant you can return your device if it does not meet your specific hearing needs. You have a 14 day cancellation right from the date of purchase and you will need to provide certification by a registered medical practitioner. You will be responsible for charges which apply for using the services provided by Tesco Mobile. You will also be responsible for any decrease in the value of the goods returned by you which results from using the goods in a way which is above what is necessary to establish the handset features and how the handset work.

Tesco Mobile’s Code of Practice

Our Code of Practice comprehensively details our Compliant Handling and Escalation Policy and sets out the contact mediums available to our customers to contact us, whether it is to lodge a complaint or make an enquiry. For more information click here. Should you require a copy of the Code in any particular format, please let us know.

How to Contact Us

For more information about our handsets, plans, services or any other enquiry you may have you can contact us using the following mediums. Please ensure to quote your account number and /or mobile number.



National Call:

+353 (0)89 420 0000- charged at 20c per min, or 60 seconds worth from your bundle minutes

Online Form:


Tesco Mobile Ireland
Butlerstown IDA
Cork Road


Roaming Freephone:


Useful Links

Please see a list of other organisations that may be useful

  • National Disability Authority -
  • Commission for Communications Regulations (ComReg) -
  • Disability Federation of Ireland -
  • National Council for the Blind of Ireland -