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Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Tesco Mobile. Getting started couldn't be easier. 

Pop your new SIM card into your phone. If you're unsure how to do this, there's instructions in your phone manual. If you bought a new phone with us, your new sim card will already be in there. 

Then just make a call and you're ready to go.

How to Unlock your Phone from Another Network

If you've brought your phone from another network, you may need to have your phone unlocked. If so, you will need to contact your previous network provider, quoting your phone IMEI, which can be found on the box of the phone, underneath the battery, or by dialing *#06#. 

Please note that all networks will have terms and conditions for unlocking phones. 


You will need extra settings if you have just moved to Tesco Mobile or if you have moved your SIM card to another phone. 

Please click here to set up your phone. 

Using the link above, you can send settings to your phone. Enter your mobile number, choose your phone make and model, and we will send the settings to you via text. Follow the instructions provided to install the settings. 

Managing your Account

Registering for

Simply log on to this site and click the My Tesco Mobile tab.  

This will bring you to the login page. As a new customer, you should click on "Register now".

You will then be asked for your registration details, which include your name and address. We will also ask for your mother's maiden name. This is used as a security question to validate your account. 

Your username will be your mobile number. 

When completed you will receive a text, or for Mobile Broadband customers an email with your password. We recommend that once logged in, you change this to a password of your choosing. 

Changing your Password

Once logged in, go to the 'Details' tab on the left hand menu. From here, choose the option to Change Password.

Just enter your current password, your new password, and confirm your new password. Click on Change Password at the bottom to complete. 

Forgot your Password

If you have forgotten or need to reset your password, go to the My Tesco Mobile tab. This will bring you to the login screen, where you click on the “forgot your password” link. You will be asked for your mobile number and your mother’s maiden name (in the case sensitive format you entered on registration).

You will then be sent a text with a new password. 

Account Locked

If your password is locked, you just need to follow the 'Forgot your password' process as outlined above.

Clubcard Points

Register your Clubcard

Register your Clubcard number with us and receive Clubcard points whenever you top up or pay your bill.

You can register your Clubcard in several ways:

  • By logging into your account at My Tesco Mobile 
  • By logging into your Self-Serve account on your Android/iOS Device.
  • or by texting the word CLUBCARD followed by a space and your Clubcard number to 1744 from your Tesco Mobile phone.

If you're a Prepay customer you'll collect 2 Clubcard points for every euro of Top Up credit bought in a Tesco store, via text or online and activated on the network .

If you're a Bill Pay customer, when you register your Clubcard with us, you’ll collect 2 points for every €1 of your bill paid by direct debit.

Please note that while you can buy Tesco Mobile credit in lots of other outlets, you will not collect Clubcard points on these purchases.

Topping Up Abroad

We recommend that you Top Up before leaving Ireland. 

While abroad you can Top Up through and our Self-Serve Android or iOS App.

You can register your Credit/Debit card for Top Up on My Tesco Mobile or on the My Tesco Mobile app and once registered, you can top up through the app or by sending a text containing the number that you wish to top up by (e.g. € 15) to 1745. 

Top Up through PayPal is also an option through My Tesco Mobile.

Can I Use a Tesco Mobile UK Voucher?

Tesco Mobile UK vouchers will not work in Ireland and vice versa.

Top Up FAQs

Clubcard Points

You will receive 2 Clubcard points for every euro spent on credit bought online or via text.  For vouchers purchased instore, scan your card to receive double points. You will not receive Clubcard points for vouchers purchased from payzone or postpoint locations.

Lost/Stolen Vouchers

Using the voucher serial number, we can check if it has been used. If it hasn’t, the store of purchase can assist.

Lost/Stolen Vouchers

Using the voucher serial number, we can check if it has been used. If it hasn’t, the store of purchase can assist.

Prepay Plans

What Plans are Available?
From 21st Aug 2018, Tesco Mobile have a new Simply Prepay plan with 4G data access.

Simply Prepay

Every new customer who buys a SIM card or phone from Tesco Mobile will initially be activated on this plan. All our new customers are initially signed up to this plan and get different benefits for 28 days depending on the top up amount.

What Do I Get on this Plan?

As a new Tesco Mobile customer when you top-up by €15 or more, you will receive 28 days of unlimited calls to any network, 15GB data, free texts to all other Tesco Mobile customers and €5 bonus credit.

By topping up €10, you will receive unlimited calls and texts to all other Tesco Mobile customers for 28 days and keep your credits to spend on the Tesco Mobile network.

By topping up €5, you will receive unlimited texts to all other Tesco Mobile customers for 28 days and keep your credits to spend on the Tesco Mobile network.

If you are already with Tesco Mobile on another plan, then you must sign up to join. 

How Do I Join the Plan?

  • Text 'Join Simply' to 1744.
  • Top up by €15 in one go to activate your unlimited calls, 15GB data and €5 bonus credit for 28 days. To keep this plan active, you need to top up by €15 every 28 days.

Please note that your allowances will not activate if you top up before joining the plan. The plan will become active on the first top up after joining the plan. We recommend you wait until you receive text confirmation that you have signed up to the new plan successfully before topping up.

Call Charges

Applicable rates for Prepay Customers

Calls to landlines and mobiles within the Republic of Ireland 35c per min
Calls to Northern Ireland 048 numbers 25c per min 
Texts to all mobiles within the Republic of Ireland 15c per sms
Data usage outside of bundle 10c per MB

All chargeable calls to Irish landlines & mobiles outside of your allowance or in excess of fair usage policy will be subject to a call set up fee of 9c.

A minimum of one minute will be charged, after which, per second billing will apply.
For all data usage outside of your allowance, the charge on each session will be per MB with a minimum charge of 1MB.
For other call charges on Tesco Mobile, please click Other Call Charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've topped up €10 and €5 but my free calls aren't active?

You must do one top up of €15 or more in one go to activate your allowances for 28 days.

I forgot to top up before my free calls ran out?

That's ok. As soon as you top up by €15 or more in one go, your allowances will activate again for 28 days.

Top Up with a Voucher

You can Top Up your Tesco Mobile with a Top Up voucher. This can be bought from any Tesco store, post office or at selected retail outlets nationwide. Click here for a list of Tesco stores. 

·         Payzone
·         Postpoint

You can choose a voucher value of €5, €10, €15, €20, €25 or €30. To Top Up with your voucher from your phone, all you need to do is:
Dial 1740 on your mobile phone and follow the voice prompts.

Type *101*vouchernumber# and press the send or call button on your phone.

Go to the menu on your phone and select the 'Tesco Mobile SIM’ option.

Select 'Top Up', then select 'By Voucher' and follow the prompts.

Top Up Credit / Debit Card

Using a Credit / Debit Card

In order to top up via Credit/Debit card, your card needs to be registered to your account. You can register and log in to My Tesco Mobile. Once registered, you can add a card through the ‘Manage Cards’ link on the left hand menu.

Alternatively, you can contact customer care and we will register your card for you. 

Once registered you can top up by the following methods:
  • Android/iOS: Download the app from the Play Store or the App Store. Login, then select the Top-Up menu, enter your credit card details, choose  your amount to top up and hit the Top Up button.
  • Online: Once logged in, you can top up your own account or nominate a number for us to apply the credit to.
  • Text Top Up: Send a text with amount you want to top up by to 1745. e.g. text “10” for €10 
  • SIM Menu: Go to the SIM menu on your phone. Select ‘Top Up via text’. Choose from €10, €20 or €30 and press ‘Send’. We will send you a text to confirm the Top Up success.
Top-Up by PayPal:

Top Up by PayPal for registered customers is also an option through the My Tesco Mobile site.

Online Top-Up with AIB

AIB customers can also top up using the online banking accounts. You will need to be registered with AIB for online banking before you can use this service.

Once you have logged into you AIB account, simply choose Mobile Top Up. Here you will be asked for your phone number, your mobile network and the amount you wish to Top Up by.

You will be sent a text to confirm the Top Up success.

Add-On Update

Some of our customers have told us that they would like our recurring add-ons to be less complicated so we’re making two changes on the 9th of November that will simplify this service for you.

Change 1: Recurring add-ons will recur every 30 days instead of the same date every month. This will make it easier for you to get a recurring top up and recurring add-on bundle on the same day every month.

Change 2: If you have insufficient credit at the time of your reccurrence, we will make five attempts to apply your add-on over five days. If your recurring add-on still hasn’t applied after five days it will automatically cancel and you will need to reapply it when you have enough credit.

Our process for subscribing and unsubscribing to recurring add-ons remains the same and you can find more information on


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