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New to Tesco Mobile

Coverage Map

Click here to check our detailed coverage map for coverage in your location. 

Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Tesco Mobile. Getting started couldn't be easier. 

Pop your new SIM card into your phone. If you're unsure how to do this, there's instructions in your phone manual. If you bought a new phone with us, your new sim card will already be in there. 

Then just make a call and you're ready to go.


Your Bill 

If you've signed up for bill pay and would like to see what your bill will look like, or have questions about your first bill, click here to see our interactive bill. 

On your first bill, you will see two lines for Monthly Subscription. These are the monthly charge for your price plan, and also a pro-rata charge. The pro-rata charge covers the period between the date you activated your mobile number and your first billing date. 

How to Unlock your Phone from Another Network

If you've brought your phone from another network, you may need to have your phone unlocked. If so, you will need to contact your previous network provider, quoting your phone IMEI, which can be found on the back of the phone under the battery. 

Please note that all networks will have terms and conditions for unlocking phones. 


You will need extra settings if you have just moved to Tesco Mobile or if you have moved your SIM card to another phone. 

Please click here to set up your phone. 

Using the link above, you can send settings to your phone. Enter your mobile number, choose your phone make and model, and we will send the settings to you via text. Follow the instructions provided to install the settings. 


Delivery for Orders Placed Online or Over the Phone

Your SIM card/phone will be sent to your billing address via courier. We aim to dispatch all orders on the next working day, and all orders placed by 1pm, dispatched on the same working day. However, at times due to situations outside of our control, we may not be able to do this in all circumstances.

We require a signature upon delivery for orders that include a mobile phone. Once delivered, you are responsible for the phone/SIM and liable for any damage, loss or theft. For more details on our delivery policy, see Terms & Conditions.

For price plans that include a mobile phone, you are limited to 2 connections per account. However, you can have up to 5 SIM cards registered. When ordering, to ensure availability, you are limited to ordering 5 SIM cards.

You can place your order through our online shop here, or contact one of our sales advisors on 089 4941000 and we will be happy to place the order with you.

Cancelling During Cooling Off Period

If you change your mind within 14 days of your purchase, we offer a no quibble refund guarantee. This runs from the date that you receive your SIM card/mobile phone. If you have used your SIM card prior to cancellation, you will incur charges for this usage.

My Tesco Mobile Registration


  • On the website click on the blue 'Log in' button at the top right of the website.
  • This will bring you to the website.
  • Next click on the 'Join MyTesco Mobile' button you will then be prompted to enter your mobile telephone number.
  • Please insert your number and click on the next button (as below).
  • The next screen presented will request you to enter the code that was sent to your telephone number, it can take upto 1 minute for the TXT message to get to your Phone. This is a security feature which ensures you are in possession of the Sim Card that you are registering with our network.
  • Our validation process consists of a code sent to your telephone number, so please ensure the Sim Card is inserted into the phone and the phone is turned on.
  • You will then be asked for your registration details, which include your name and address. We will also ask for your mother's maiden name. This is used as a security question to validate your account when you contact Customer Care. 

Your username will be your mobile number

When you complet the registraion process you will receive a text message with your password.

We recommend that once logged in, you change this to a password of your choosing.

Moving your number

Moving your Number

Your new phone/SIM comes with a new 089 number, but you can keep your existing number if you prefer.


  • Register at My Tesco Mobile. Using your Tesco Mobile number
  • Go to the ‘Move My Number’ section.
  • Follow the steps and the process takes just 10 minutes.


You will be sent a text containing a verification code to the number that you are porting to Tesco Mobile. Please check your existing SIM card as this is not sent to the Tesco Mobile SIM card. It is sent to the number that you wish to move to the Tesco Mobile network. Enter the code contained in the text to complete the process. 

If you would prefer, call us on 1749 and we can complete this for you.

Please note if we move your number by calling 1749,we will need to speak to you on the number you wish to move to Tesco Mobile so please call us on that number. Alternatively, if you contact us from another line, we will call your existing number to verify your details before the port can be submitted.

Moving your number normally takes 2 hours to complete. You can continue to use your phone during this time. 

Please make sure that you use all your credit with your existing provider. We also advise that you copy your contacts to your new Tesco Mobile SIM card as these will not automatically be transferred. You will need to ensure that you are using a Tesco Mobile phone or a phone that has been unlocked for your Tesco Mobile SIM card to work.

Returns and Repairs

Within 14 Days of Purchase

If your phone becomes faulty within the first 14 days of purchase, we offer a no quibble refund service. If your phone was bought in a Tesco store, please return it fully boxed and including accessories such as battery, headset, charger and SIM card to the customer services desk in store. You will need to provide your receipt as proof of purchase.

If you purchased your phone online, please contact customer care on 1749, and we will log a return for you. 

Over 14 Days, but Less than 1 Year

Most phone manufacturers offer a warranty of 1 year on phones, and 6 months on accessories such as the battery or the charger. To log a repair, contact Customer Care on 1749.

When returning the phone for return or repair, we recommend that you send your phone by registered post. Please keep a record of the IMEI number of your phone to check the status of your repair on our repair partner's site, Please be aware that your warranty does not cover physical or moisture damage.

Repair if your Phone is More than 1 Year Old

If your phone is more than 1 year old or the repair is outside of warranty, we can still send your phone for repair. Please contact us on 1749 or 089 420 0000, where we can arrange for you to send your phone to our repair partner. Please keep a record of the IMEI number of your phone to check the status of your repair on our repair partners website, If there is a charge for repairing your phone, a member of the repair company will contact you with an estimate before mending the phone.

If you are happy with the repair quote, payment will be taken via credit/debit card. If you would like your phone returned, without being repaired, then there will be a €10 administration fee.

If you prefer, you can call into Fonfix directly. They are located at 1 Sandyford Park, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18. Some handsets such as Nokia have their own repair centres, visit their website

How Much Does it Cost to Repair your Phone?

If your phone is covered under warranty, then the repair will be free. The warranty will not cover misuse, physical or moisture damage. If the repair is not covered by warranty, then a member of the repair company will contact you with a quote. If you decide not to go ahead with the repair, or if it is deemed ‘beyond economical repair’, there will be a €10 fee for returning your phone to you.

Tracking the progress of your repair

  • Log onto and enter the IMEI number of your phone
  • You can locate the IMEI on the box of the phone, underneath the battery or by dialling *#06#.
  • For further details of our Returns Policy, please check our Terms & Conditions.

Unlocking your phone

What’s an unlock code?

Unlocking your phone enables you to use another network SIM card in your phone. You need an Unlock code in order to do this.

Can I get an unlock code for my phone?

If you brought your phone to Tesco Mobile from another network, then your phone may need to be unlocked before you can use your SIM card in it. You will need to contact the network you purchased your phone from in order to get the Unlock code.

If you bought your phone from Tesco Mobile then you can get your unlock code from us, once the following criteria have been met. 

Prepay Customers – The Handset that you are requesting to be unlocked, must be topped up by a minimum €150 or be on Tesco Mobile Network for 9 months or more.

Capped Plan / SIM Only Customers – The account must have paid bills in excess of €150 or be with Tesco Mobile for 9 months or more.

Bill Pay Plans – There is no charge for unlocking your phone, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract being fully met.

How do I request an unlock code?

You can request a code by going to the 'e-mail us' section of the help centre  here. Please ensure you provide the IMEI of your phone. This can be found on the back of the phone under the battery.

When will I receive my code?

This can vary and can take 3 -21 days depending on the make/model of your phone. We will request your Unlock code within 24 hours of receiving your request. Once we have the Unlock code for the phone, we will send it to you via text, along with the instructions for entering the code.

How do I enter the code?

Each phone is different so you will need instructions specific to your phone. Once we have the Unlock code for the phone, we will send it to you, via text, along with the instructions for entering the code.

Clubcard Points

Register your Clubcard

Register your Clubcard number with us and receive Clubcard points whenever you top up or pay your bill.

You can register your Clubcard in several ways:

  • By logging into your account at My Tesco Mobile 
  • By logging into your Self-Serve account on your Android/iOS Device.
  • or by texting the word CLUBCARD followed by a space and your Clubcard number to 1744 from your Tesco Mobile phone.

If you're a Prepay customer you'll collect 2 Clubcard points for every euro of Top Up credit bought in a Tesco store, via text or online and activated on the network .

If you're a Bill Pay customer, when you register your Clubcard with us, you’ll collect 2 points for every €1 of your bill paid by direct debit.

Please note that while you can buy Tesco Mobile credit in lots of other outlets, you will not collect Clubcard points on these purchases.

Clubcard Boost

What is Clubcard Boost?

Clubcard Boost gives you great ways to use your Clubcard vouchers. There are over 150 deals to choose from. Check the website here for all the deals available.

What deals do Tesco Mobile offer?

You can use your Clubcard vouchers to purchase a top up voucher or money off your bill worth three times the value of your Clubcard voucher. For instance with a €5 clubcard voucher, you can buy a top up voucher/money off your bill worth €15. These can only be purchased in €5 increments, so €5, €10, €15 etc, and the minimum spend is €5.

How can I purchase a deal?

You need to go to the Clubcard Boost website and  click on Redeem Now from the home screen. You will need to enter the code from your Clubcard voucher so make sure you have this to hand. 

Will these Top Ups activate my bundles?

Yes. Any Top Up purchased through Clubcard Boost acts the same as any other Top Up purchased from Tesco Mobile.

What happens if I have change from my voucher?

Any change from your voucher will be credited back to your Clubcard Account and included in your next Clubcard Statement.

I have other questions about clubcard deals

For the full range of deals available, as well as frequently asked questions, please check the Clubcard Boost website here.

Voicemail Setup

It’s really easy to set up your voicemail as a new customer, or to make changes if you’ve had your voicemail for a while.

The first time you call 171, we will set up your voicemail so you’ll be able to receive and check your messages.

Setting up your voicemail pin

To change your pin number, press 3. You will be asked for your current pin number, if you have not set up your pin, this will be 1234. You can change your new pin number to any four digit number, except 1234.

If you have set up your pin, but forgotten it, you can contact Customer Care who will reset it for you.

Recording your voicemail greeting

You can record your own personal greeting by calling 171, and choosing option 2 on the main voicemail menu. Your voicemail is already set up with an automated greeting that callers will hear if you do not want to set up a personal greeting.


Understanding Your Bill

Tesco Mobile have created a visual representation of a Tesco Mobile Bill, that is sent monthly to our bill pay customers.
This page provides you with an overview of a typical Tesco Mobile monthly bill, click here to access this information. 

Coverage issues

If you are experiencing problems with network coverage issues please email us directly through the Help Centre, Contact us section. We shall review your issue and respond to  you within 72 Hours.

Other Call Charges

Other ROI Calls and Messages:                 Per minute or message Charge:
€ 0.30*
Customer Care (per call charge)         
€ 0.20
Multimedia messaging
€ 0.20 

*A minimum of one minute will be charged, after which, per second billing will apply.
 Calls to customer care are charged per call only.

Other Services:

 Call Type:                                             Call Charges Per Call / Per Minute:           Call Charge per Call: 
 Call Forwarding  Per Call Standard call rates apply 
 Universal Access Numbers - 0818  
Per Minute € 0.20
 Speaking Clock - 1191 Per Minute € 0.20
 Emergency Services Free Free

A minimum of one minute will be charged, after which, per second billing will apply.
Total cost per call.

Directory Enquiries Call costs from ROI:
076 Numbers (Voice and IP Numbers):

Charged at the per minute rate appropriate to your price plan, for national calls to Irish landlines (does not avail of inclusive minutes).
The call charge per minute will be billed on a per second basis.

Premium Calls Costs from ROI

 Call Type:                                         Charges Per Call/Per Minute:       Rate:
 1512 Number Per Call  € 0.50
 1513 Numbers  Per Call  € 0.70
 1514 Numbers  Per Call  € 0.90
 1515 Numbers Per Call  € 1.20
 1516 Numbers Per Call  € 1.80
 1517 Numbers Per Call  € 2.50
 1518 Numbers Per Call  € 3.50
 1520 Numbers Per Call  € 0.30
 1530 Numbers Per Minute       € 0.50 
 1540 Numbers Per Minute    € 0.70
 1550 Numbers Per Minute  € 1.20                               
 1560 Numbers Per Minute   € 1.80
 1570 Numbers Per Minute   € 2.40 
 1580 Numbers Per Minute   € 2.95
 1590 Numbers Per Minute   € 3.50
 1598 Numbers Per Minute   € 3.50
 1599 Numbers Per Minute  € 3.50
 Satellite Per Minute   € 8.20

  A minimum of one minute will be charged, after which, per minute billing will apply.

Premium Text Messages Service Costs from ROI:

 Call Type:                                              Call Charge Per Message:
 Receiving Standard Text Messages FREE
 Sending SMS to a Service Provider Variable - see Service Provider
 Receiving SMS from Service Provider Variable - see Service Provider

 Note All prices include VAT at 23%.

 Call Type:                                            Call Charge Per Minute:        Connection Charge: 
 Directory enquiries 11850                        € 2.95   € 5.89
 Directory enquiries 11860
 € 3.15  € 6.30
 Directory enquiries 11811
 € 1.65  € 2.60
 Directory enquiries 11818
 € 1.10  € 2.60
 Directory enquiries 11822
 € 0.80  € 1.90
 Directory enquiries 11824
 € 1.80  € 3.70
 Directory enquiries 11827
 € 0.75  € 1.80
 Directory enquiries 11890                          € 1.20  € 3.10
 Directory enquiries 11888
 € 0.65  € 0.80
 Directory enquiries 11891
 € 0.80  € 2.85

LoCall Costs from ROI:

Call Type:                                           Charges Per Call/Per Minute:    Rate:
1800 Number Free Free
1850 Numbers  Per Call € 0.35
1890 Numbers Per Minute  € 0.15
1891 Numbers Per Minute  € 0.12
1892 Numbers Per Minute  € 0.20

 € 3.50

Irish Text Relay Service

Tesco Mobile are pleased to support the Irish Text Relay Service to our customers.

ITRS translates text into voice and voice into text to facilitate a person with a hearing disability in making and receiving calls in the Republic of Ireland. Calls are relayed through our ITRS agents who performs this translation.

The ITRS service is operated by eir serving the customers of Three, eir, Meteor, Sky, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Media, and Vodafone and is funded by each of these operators. ITRS now incorporates multimedia access via new app services and will supplement the existing Minicom service from May 31st 2017.

To find out more information on ITRS please click here

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