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2000 clubcard points for Motorola Moto G4

  • 2,000 Clubcard points for new customers joining on our €20/€30/€50 plan and taking a free Motorola Moto G4
  • Offer available through all channels – Retail, Online, Telesales
  • New PAYM customers only
  • Customers must register their Clubcard number to their TMI account
  • Customers must use the Motorola Moto G4 as their primary phone
  • Customers will receive 2,000 Clubcard points 35 days after activation (provided first bill is paid)
  • Offer runs from 04/07/2017 – 03/08/2017

How is the offer applied?

Points will be applied manually 35 days after PAYM activation date to the accounts of all customers who join our €20 plan and met the criteria set out in our terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

2,000 Clubcard points offer: only available to new Billpay customers who join Tesco Mobiles €20/€30/€50 24 month pay monthly plan and take the Motorola Moto G4. To avail of this offer customers must A. Use the Motorola Moto G4 as their primary handset B. Join Tesco Mobile’s €20/€30/€50 24 month plan C. Register their Tesco Clubcard to their Tesco Mobile account D. Pay their first bill. Customers that meet this criteria will have 2,000 Clubcard points applied to their Tesco Clubcard 35 days after activation. Offer runs from 04/07/2017 – 03/08/2017. Clubcard points will be applied in accordance with Tesco Clubcard terms and conditions. For further details, current offers and full terms and conditions please see