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Special Offer 3 Months Free Data

Limited offer

  1. ‘Free Data for 3 Months' offer applies to customers who join Tesco Mobile Prepay between the 24th November 2014 and 11th January 2015.
  2. In order to be eligible for and to activate the offer, customers must reply to the offer text message they receive and top-up by €15 in one go within 7 days of joining Tesco Mobile.
  3. Eligible customers will receive three 5GB data bundles. The first bundle will be applied within 24 hours of activation of the offer (as described above). The second bundle will be applied 30 days later and the third bundle applied another 30 days later.
  4. A 5GB allowance applies to each bundle. If the limit of the Free Data bundle is reached before the expiry date, any internet access will be charged in accordance with Tesco Mobile standard data charges.
  5. Customers who leave the network and re-join Tesco Mobile during the promotional period 24th November 2014 to 11th January 2015 are excluded from the offer.
  6. To access the Internet the customer’s Mobile Phone must be data compatible and enabled. Access to data services is subject to network coverage.
  7. Use of the free data through tethering of your mobile handset to other devices is allowed.