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Family Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tesco Mobile Family plan? 

Tesco Mobile Family plan lets you add a family member to your bill pay account so they can enjoy never-ending data on our new €15 Family SIM plan. You can add up to 5 of the €15 Family SIM plans to your account (1 for each family member) and you’ll have the convenience of one bill for all the family. You can also enjoy double Clubcard points every time you pay your family bill by direct debit.

Where can I sign up to Tesco Mobile’s €15 Family SIM plan?

You can sign up to our €15 Family SIM plan in any of our 35 Tesco Mobile Phone shops nationwide. Click Phone Shop to find your nearest Phone shop.

Who can sign up to Tesco Mobile’s €15 Family SIM plan?

Anybody can sign up to this plan as long as there is one main account holder who is over 18. The €15 Family SIM plan is not a stand-alone plan but can be added to any new or existing main bill pay account for each family member.
Existing Tesco Mobile customers that wish to be added to the €15 Family SIM plan will transfer ownership of their number to the main account holder.

How many members can be on Tesco Mobile Family?

You can add up to 5 €15 family SIM plans to your account who can each avail of the €15 Family SIM plan. The main account holder must be on a bill pay plan with us to add a €15 Family SIM plan but cannot themselves be on this plan.

Who owns the account?

The named person on the contract is the owner of all associated numbers and we can only take instructions from this person. Existing accounts being added to the €15 Family SIM plan will need permission of the number user to change ownership.
A Tesco Mobile account holder can give permission to add an authorised contact on their account.
An authorised contact is a 3rd party person that we can discuss account information with however is not permitted to make transactions and or changes to the account.
Authorised contacts should be no younger than 16.

Who pays the bill?

There will be one main account holder who will be the named owner of all numbers on the account and will be responsible for payment of all services.

What if the family member already has their own account?

If you already have an account with us and you wish to move to the €15 family SIM plan, ownership of your number will be transferred to the main account holder. To make sure we have the right permissions, all parties need to be in the Phone shop to sign up.
Prepay accounts with an existing credit balance can transfer to the €15 Family SIM plan, however the maximum credit transfer is limited to €50. If your balance is above this, we recommend that you use your existing balance before switching.

Can I access premium rate services on the €15 Family SIM plan?

The plan automatically blocks access to Premium Rate SMS/MMS using the 53XXX- 59XXX prefixes (for example the Late Late Show competition entry). For more information on Premium Rate Services, click here.

Where can I find out more information about parental controls?

Tesco Mobile accounts block access to illegal online content for all internet services. Further information on online safety including filtering internet services and other useful resources are available here.
We provide a free call me service for Children so they can always contact a parent. They simply text ‘callme’ and insert the number they want to get a call from and send to 1744 for free. We also provide free access to the Samaritans.

How can I manage my family account?

The main account owner will have access to his account through the Tesco Mobile app for Android and Apple phones and also through, this will display all account usage and information such as account contract, including the ability to make additional purchases such as add-ons.  Access to Tesco Mobile self-service access should be controlled by you. If you give access to other users, please understand that they will have the same visibility and access as you.
If you are adding existing Tesco Mobile numbers to your account, you must reset the log in details to and the Tesco Mobile app.

What happens if the main account holder leaves Tesco Mobile?

As the Account owner you are liable for all payments of all associated accounts. In the event of non-payment of your bill, services to all number on the account may be impacted.