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Bill Pay

Billing FAQs.

My First Bill 

All Tesco Mobile Ireland, billing is paperless. To view your bill every month, you will need to register on My Tesco Mobile.

You can get answers to many of your billing questions, by checking our sample interactive bill here.

On your first bill, you will see two lines for monthly subscription. These are the monthly charges for your price plan and, also, a pro-rata charge. The pro-rata charge covers the period between the date you activated your mobile number and your first billing date. The payment that you made online/instore will also be seen here.

Viewing my Bill

Once registered on My Tesco Mobile, you can view your bill each month. We will send you a text when the bill is ready and payment is due 14 days after receiving this text. 

To view your bill, log into My Tesco Mobile. From there, select the Bills tab from the menu on the left hand side of the screen. Bills can be printed from here or saved in PDF format. 

Bill Breakdown

On your bill, you will see all your usage broken down into areas. You will be able to see both usage covered by your plan and any charges for usage that is not covered by your plan.

  • Voice Calls: These are charges for calls made and texts sent from your phone. These include calls to landlines and mobiles, national and international, as well as non geographic numbers, such as low call and premium rated. 
  • TMI On Net: Calls / texts made to other Tesco Mobile Ireland customers.
  • TMI Off Net: Calls / texts made to numbers not on the Tesco Mobile network.
  • Data: These are charges for using mobile internet, email and other data services. If you're using a smartphone, then some of the apps on your phone may incur data charges. 
  • Picture Messages: These are MMS (multimedia messages) that you send from your phone. 
  • Roaming: These are any calls made or received and text sent while using your phone outside the Republic of Ireland. Your bill will also tell you the area your roaming charges originate from. 
  • International:  These are any calls made to numbers outside the Republic of Ireland. 

At any time in the month you can check the current cost of your bill and any charges not covered by your plan. Simply text 'SPEND' to 1744. This is a free text.

Inclusive Units

There are several ways you can check your allowance of minutes, text and data.

Log into My Tesco Mobile. Once logged in from the Home screen, you can see all bundle balances. These show both percentages remaining and actual balances remaining.

The My Tesco Mobile app for Android and iPhone are available free of charge from your app store.

You can also text BALANCE for free to 1744.


All Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly customers are billed via direct debit.

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Direct debit via current account.
  • Direct debit using a credit card.
  • Direct debit using a debit / laser card.

We do not accept payments via cash / cheque.

If you need to change your payment details at any stage throughout your contract you must contact customer care.

Overdue Balances

We will contact you to notify you of any balances that remain outstanding on your account.

When you receive this notification text, we request that you contact us to arrange payment.

It is important that you do not ignore these text notifications as failure to contact us may result in a restriction of your services.

Once there is an overdue balance on the account, it will need to be cleared as soon as possible. It is not possible to carry this balance through to the following month to be taken via direct debit.