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Corporate Responsibility

At Tesco Mobile, we are committed to using our resources to make a positive impact. We endeavour to maximise the benefits that a mobile communications company can bring to the community and our environment.

Helping the Environment

At Tesco Mobile, we believe that by working together we can make a big difference. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and helping our customers to do the same.

As part of this, all Tesco Mobile Bill Pay customers automatically receive their bills online. Our Prepay customers have the option of topping up online or via text, reducing the need for a print out of the top up receipt.

Mobile Phones and Your Health

If you are concerned about the health effects of mobile phones or masts we suggest that the World Health Organisation’s guidance on the subject may be helpful. They have concluded that no adverse short or long terms side-effects have been found that are associated with mobile phone usage. The WHO concludes that current research indicates that exposure to frequency fields such as those emitted by mobile phones and masts, is unlikely to cause any adverse health effects.

Based on their research there is no need for special precautions when using a mobile phone. However, if you are worried and you personally want to take protective measures, the WHO suggests you might wish to use a hands-free device to keep mobile phones away from the head and body and limit the length of calls.

Mobile Phone Safety

Switch off your phone in a hospital or doctor's surgery - it can interfere with equipment.

Put your phone onto flight mode during a flight – to prevent interference with the plane's navigation systems.

It is illegal to drive whilst using a hand-held mobile phone penalty points can be enforced in the event that you are caught committing this offence. Let your voicemail take messages or use a hands-free car kit or Bluetooth headset. If you don’t have a hands-free kit and need to make a phone call, pull over first. Never text or use internet services, while driving, keep your eyes on the road at all times and both hands on the wheel. Try to avoid stressful calls while driving. Any call is distracting even while using a hands-free device. For more detailed information on road safety, please see

Your phone has a unique IMEI number. You will find this behind the battery or by pressing *#06# and make a note of it. You can give it to the Gardai if your phone is stolen. We can also place a bar called a ‘blacklist’ on it so it cannot be used on any network in Ireland. We would also advise that you regularly copy your contacts from your phone to your PC to ensure your contact information is backed up. Please check your handset user manual for details on how to do this. If you have a cardiac pacemaker or any electronic aid, consult your doctor or

Turn off your mobile phone where there is a risk of coming into contact with explosive materials or gases - for example, petrol stations. Never use a metal object to short out the battery terminals: it could damage the battery and cause a fire.

Child Protection

Tesco Mobile is committed to providing a service that ensures that children do not access inappropriate content. We offer a Parental Control service which allows you to restrict the services your child can access from their mobile phone. You can switch off certain services such as access to Mobile Internet and MMS. We recommend that you register the phone on your child’s behalf to be able to manage their services. Sign in to My Tesco Mobile using your child’s phone number (you’ll need their phone handy to get the pass code we text to it to complete log in), and go to the Services section to restrict access to any services you are concerned about. Click here to restrict services & log in to My Tesco Mobile.

Have peace of mind with Our Magic Number service. This allows children aged 16 and under to send one FREE text message per day to a parent or other nominated number when their phone credit is too low to make a call or send a text. Log on to My Tesco Mobile and go to the 'Family and Friends' section to register this number for FREE, or call us on 089 420 0000 or 1749. Furthermore, our ‘Call Me’ service is free in the event that your child is in a situation whereby they need to make a call but have no credit. They can simply text ‘callme’ to any number and send to 1744.


At Tesco Mobile, we want to ensure that all of our customers get the best from our network. We offer a wide range of mobile phones to meet all of our customers’ needs.

There are some key features to look out for when choosing a phone to suit your needs:


Choose a phone with a large keyboard. Big buttons can be easier to grip and press. Raised dots around the number 5 help make the keypad easier to navigate Some phones have generic text messages that are automatically included in the phone. This cuts down on the number of key strokes needed to send the text. A large screen and predictive text can assist to communicate in comfort.


Turn the volume to maximum making it easier to hear when you receive a call or text. Vibrate is also an option which is available on most phones.

Using a hands free phone or an in ear headset will help cut down on noises in the background, making it easier to hear and concentrate on the conversation. Hearing Loops for customers who have a hearing aid with a 'T' setting. These cut down background noise, and reduce interference by enabling you to keep the phone away from the hearing aid. By setting up a personalised ringtone, you will know who’s calling without reading the screen


Choose a phone with an easy to touch keypad. Features like a raised dot on the number 5 make it easier to navigate the keyboard.

Screens with changeable font size or back-lit keyboards can make it easier to read. Speech recognition: most modern phones allow you to make a phone call by speaking the name of the person you want to call.

By setting up a personalised ringtone, you will know who’s calling without having to read the screen speaking software.

Text to speech software can be installed on phones so your texts are read out if you have trouble reading.

Flashing and Vibrate alert can also make it easier to detect when you are receiving a call or a text.

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