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Accessing Services.

Premium Rate Services

Premium rate services (“PRS”) are services provided by third party service providers that you can buy by using your mobile phone or over the Internet. Such services typically include charity donations, voting activities, TV competitions and subscriptions services and calls and texts to PRS numbers typically cost more than ordinary calls/texts depending on the prefix number or short code. 
Premium voice services use the following prefixes: 1530, 1540, 1550, 1559, 1560, 1570 and 1580. 
Premium SMS services (PSMS) use a 5-digit Short Code beginning with the number 5 e.g. 5XXXX.


Tesco Mobile has a regulatory obligation to allow third party service providers to access our network once their service has been authorised by the Regulator for Premium Rate Services (ComReg). ComReg is an independent body responsible for regulating the content and promotion of premium rate telecommunication services in Ireland.
For more information on PRS – check out ComReg’s website


How do I stop an individual premium rate subscription SMS/text service?

To unsubscribe from a single premium rate SMS service, text the word STOP to the 5XXXX number you want to stop receiving.
You should be unsubscribed within 24 to 48 hours and will no longer be charged for that service.


How can I block all premium SMS / MMS? 

Tesco Mobile can apply a bar which will prevent you sending or receiving texts from premium SMS numbers between the range of 53XXX-57XXX. 
You can have this bar enabled by contacting Customer Care via our live chat team by clicking on this link or by calling 1903.
Can I remove the bar?
Yes, you can remove the bar by contacting our Customer Care team via our live chat team by clicking on this link or by calling 1903.
What services does this affect? 
Examples include: 
53XXX: NewsTalk comment lines, RTE Voting lines, Virgin Media 1 (TV3) competition lines, and newspaper competitions and horoscopes.
57XXX: RTE radio competitions, RTE TV competitions (including the Late Late show competitions), newspaper competitions, subscriptions services, chat services and some TV advertised charity services.


What is not included in the bar?

Any short codes in the range 50XXX (free to text) or 51XXX (standard rate SMS) are not included.  Most Irish charities use a short code beginning with 50XXX so the SMS is free, but the donation is set by the charity. This will always be called out in the charity information. For example, Text DONATE to 50300 to donate €4 to Charity Name.
The bar only blocks premium SMS and MMS, it does not block voice premium rate services, nor does it block spam texts or calls.  


What if I am already subscribed to a premium rate service and I request the bar?

Please ensure you unsubscribe from all services before applying the bar. Text the word STOP or text STOP ALL to each premium service you have availed off, failure to do so may result in continued charging by the premium rate service provider.  Once the bar becomes activated you will no longer receive the subscription messages. 

Text Messages

If you cannot send text messages please check the service centre number on your phone. You will find this in the settings option of the messages menu on your phone. The service centre number should be stored as +353894300000.

Call Me

This service allows you to send a free text message to any Irish mobile asking them to call you.
Type "callme" followed by the mobile number you want to send the text to, and send to 1744. e.g "callme 0891234567"
The recipient will then receive a text message asking them to call you.

Check your Balance

To check your main balance, dial *100# and call.
To check your remaining data on your data bundle, dial *100*6# and call.