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Bill Pay

Check my Bill Pay Usage.

There's several ways to check what you've used on your Bill Pay number. If you're a new customer, and would like to see what your bill will look like, check here to access our interactive sample bill. 


If you're not registered online, you can do so by clicking on My Tesco Mobile. If you've already registered, just log in.

When you first log in, on the Home page, you can see your most recent bill amount, as well as the remaining balances on all your bundles.

You can view your bills by clicking on the Bills tab on the left hand menu. From here you can view each bill in PDF format.

By choosing the Call History tab on the left hand menu, you can see all the usage to date on your account.

On our App

You can also download our app for Android or iPhone from your app store. From here, you can check your up to date usage and your monthly bills.

With your Phone

To check your remaining units from your phone, text BALANCE to 1744.

To check the cost of your usage outside your plan, text SPEND to 1744.