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Understanding Your Bill

This is an interactive Tesco Mobile Ireland phone bill.
Simply click on a hotspot to reveal the information for that section.

Just remember, this is an example bill, so the rates shown are for presentation purposes only and may not be the same rates that appear on your bill. For a detailed explanation of Pro-Rata, please click here.

Name and address

Name and address of the account owner.

Bill information

Bill Date: The date your bill was generated.

Bill reference: This is a unique code for this bill, each of your bills will have a different code.

Your customer no: Customer account number.

Customer care

Our contact details.

Bill for mobile(s)

This lists all the phone numbers on your account which will appear on your bill. If the phone number is a Prepay number then no usage will be listed or charged, it’s only displayed because it is included on your account.


These are the Clubcard points you can earn when you register your Clubcard with us. Register your Clubcard and start earning points today. To find out how to register, click here.

User charges

All usage for all phone numbers, outside of bundle allowances. Includes tariff charges, as well as any credits. This will be totalled at the bottom.

The previous bill amount is shown here. And directly below is any payments received. On your first bill, this includes your initial payment. On subsequent bills, it will show your previous month’s payment, as well as any manual payments that were made.

Bill Pay One

Summary of user charges

This part of your bill explains where each of your charges are coming from. This will show you the cost of each activity you have made which is not included as part of your monthly free bundle allowance (these include all non-Irish mobile/landline calls and texts as well as additional usage once you have used all of your free bundle allowance).

In this section you will see a summary of the charges associated with each number on the account, and the plan for each number.

Bundle Overview

This gives a summary of your bundles, both the included bundles with your tariff, and any extra bundles you’ve added. It also includes the allowance and usage for each of your bundles.


Your monthly bill charges are displayed including VAT, the current VAT rate is 23%.

Payments received

This section details all transactions related to payments and the date on which they happened. Should any of your bill payments fail, these will also show in this section of your bill and will appear as a successful payment followed by a failed payment on the same day. Any manual payments made by you through Customer Care will appear in this section of your bill. *Please note that manual payments that you make could take up to 5 working days to process*.

Bill Pay Two

Charge Details for 08******** (tariff)

This section highlights which phone number the following usage is related to. If you have more than one phone number on your account, each number will be listed individually on your bill, but all phone numbers will be included in a single bill for your account. This section includes the total charges for your phone number(s) which is a combination of the subscription charges/line rental and any additional chargeable usage.


This section shows the total cost of all your calls/text/data. In bundle charges can be identified by the symbol : (^).

Rates for making and receiving calls while roaming depend on which country you are roaming in. In this example the call is from Spain, which is in Roaming Zone 1, for more information on roaming charges, click here

Data Roaming

Rates for using data while roaming depend on which country you are in, for more information click here.

International Voice Call

These are calls made to any number outside of the Republic of Ireland, and are charged per minute, for more information click here.

Bill Pay Three

Voice Calls

Calls which appear on the bill starting with "TMI to" means that they are calling someone on another Irish Network. These calls are included in your bundle allowances and are only charged if you have exceeded your allowance. Calls which appear as "TMI on-net" mean that they are calling someone on our network and are free.

Premium Voice Calls

There are many different types of calls that are classed as Premium calls, including directory enquiries and competition lines. For a full list of premium charges, click here

International Texts

These are texts made to any number outside of the Republic of Ireland.


These are texts made to phone numbers within the Republic of Ireland.

Premium Texts

These texts vary in charges. They charge in a variety of ways: some charge when you send the text, others charge when you receive a reply text. Charges vary and are decided by the company you are texting.


This shows the amount of internet usage per day, and the related cost whether it is included in your bundle allowance or if you have exceeded this allowance and will be charged for the additional usage.

Picture Messages

These are MultiMedia Messages which may include picture or audio messages that you have sent from Tesco Mobile.

Bill Pay Four

Monthly Charges

This details 3 different charges: The advance monthly charge for this month’s service, the actual charge for this month’s service (including any changes made during the month) and the advance charge for next month.

Total Monthly Charges

On your first bill, the current monthly charge will show the pro rata subscription charge and the exact dates that it covers. Should you change plan, or buy/remove add-ons during your billing cycle, there may be additional lines on your bill which will refer to your old price plan as well your new price plan. These will be pro rata for the dates of activity on each change.

Bill Pay Five

Still confused?

Take a look at our frequently asked bill questions for more help.