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Top Up with a Voucher.

You can Top Up your Tesco Mobile account with a voucher. The voucher can be bought from any Tesco retail store outlets nationwide. 
Click here for a list of Tesco stores. 

You can purchase vouchers valued from  €5, €10, €15, €20, €25 or €30. Once you have purchased your voucher you can top-up in several ways.

Top-Up Options

Download the Mobile App for your Apple or Android device and from within the Top-Up menu then select Voucher, enter the voucher number and your credit will apply.
Go to the Self Serve website and after you register you can login with your phone number and password, from the top-up menu add your voucher.
You can also dial 1740 from you mobile phone, and enter the voucher number when promoted.


Lost/Stolen Vouchers

Using the voucher serial number, we can check if it has been used. If it hasn’t, the store of purchase can assist.
For assistance with this call us at 1903