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Top Up Credit / Debit Card.

Please note that adding a card to your account will not affect your Bill Pay payment method. To change your Bill Pay payment method please contact customer care.

Once registered you can top up by the following methods:

  • Android/iOS: Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Login, then select the Top-Up menu, enter your credit card details, choose  your amount to top up and hit the Top Up button.

  • Online: Once logged in, you can top up your own account or nominate a number for us to apply the credit to.

  • Text Top Up: Send a text with amount you want to top up by to 1745. e.g. text “10” for €10 

  • SIM Menu: Go to the SIM menu on your phone. Select ‘Top Up via text’. Choose from €10, €20 or €30 and press ‘Send’. We will send you a text to confirm the Top Up success.

Online Top-Up with AIB

AIB customers can also top up using their online banking accounts. You will need to be registered with AIB for online banking before you can use this service.

Once you have logged into your AIB account, simply choose Mobile Top Up. Here you will be asked for your phone number, your mobile network and the amount you wish to Top Up by.
You will be sent a text to confirm the Top Up success.

Please note that you can only attempt to use the same credit card three times in one day to top-up the same number.