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Cancelling your Prepay Account.

You don’t need to contact us to cancel your pay as you go number. Your number will automatically deactivate after 6 months of non usage. Any credit balance on the account at deactivation will be lost.

Should you wish to take your number to another network, you simply need to contact the network you want to move to. Please ensure your phone is unlocked to accept other network SIMs. If you leave the Tesco Mobile network by porting your number to another network you will lose any remaining allowance in your Offer and any remaining credit provided to you by Tesco Mobile, including but not limited to pre-installed credit, porting credit, promotional credit and goodwill credit, will be forfeited. A prepay customer is entitled to a refund of any remaining top-up credit paid for by them when they switch to another operator and claim that refund within 3 months of switching. If you believe that you eligible for a prepaid credit refund, please contact 1903.