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International & Roaming

Roaming Rates

Bill pay customers click here for EU roaming.

PrePay customers click here for EU roaming.

Tesco Mobile customers are automatically set up to use their phones abroad. This service is called international roaming.

Tesco Mobile has teamed up with an international roaming partner which gives our customers world-wide access to 100s of destinations.
To ensure you are up to date on latest tips on roaming, please see the other articles in this section. 

International Calls

International Calling

Home is always close with Tesco Mobile. Keep in touch with friends and family for less with International calls from only 1c per minute. There are no hidden charges, no messy access codes and no connection fees. See the chart below with all our rates for connecting to friends and family in countries around the globe.

International Rates

International Calls from Only 1C Per Minute
Check our rates here

Tips when Travelling


Tesco Mobile customers are automatically set up to use their phones abroad. This service is called roaming. Tesco Mobile has a world-wide roaming partner which gives our customers access to 100s of destinations.

Before you travel

If you are a Prepay or capped customer, please make sure to top up before you go. Remember bonus and flexible credit will not work whilst roaming.

It is also advisable to register your credit/debit card in case you run out of credit while abroad. You can top up on the ‘My Tesco Mobile’ app or by sending a text containing the number that you wish to top up by (e.g. 10) to 1745

If you are a Bill Pay customer and should you exceed your allowances either at home or while roaming in the EU the cost of your usage will be added to your bill. You cannot use your plan allowances while roaming outside of the EU. All roaming usage outside of the EU will be added to your bill. Click Roaming for more information on roaming rates and further information regarding Tesco Mobile’s roam like at home service within EU countries.

Making Calls and Sending Texts

When calling Ireland, dial +353 before the number and drop the zero from the prefix. For example, 01 123 4567 becomes +353 1 123 4567. If you are making a call within the country you are holidaying in, simply dial the local number

If you are calling another country, dial + and the country code before the number you are dialling For example, if calling a UK number 0123 456 7890, it becomes +44 123 456 7890.

If sending a text message, please make sure that the number you are texting is entered and stored in international format e.g. +353891234567.

To check rates for calling internationally while roaming, click here

Do I need to change the settings on my phone?

If you are travelling in the following countries (Cyprus (CYTA), Greece (Telestet), Italy (TIM), Portugal (TMN), Spain (Telefonica), Channel Islands) you will need to select the international network setting on your Tesco Mobile SIM Menu.

To find the sim menu:
Select 'Tesco Mobile' APP on Android;
Select Settings/SIM Applications;
Select Settings/Mobile + SIM/Sim Settings 

  • When abroad
  • Select Mode
  • Manual 
  • International – (International Belgacom)

Roaming in Border Counties

If you're travelling to or live in a border county, you may find that you sometimes pick up a roaming network - this is called inadvertent roaming. This may lead to inadvertently being charged for roaming on that network. Counties most often affected are Donegal, Louth, Monaghan, Leitrim and Cavan. Now that customers can use their plans while roaming in the EU, this is a positive development as you won’t incur any additional costs as a result of inadvertent roaming as long as you stay within your allowance. If you exceed your allowance, the same standard rates apply to domestic and EU roaming usage.  However customers must register their details to ensure they are not negatively affected. Once registered, any inadvertent border roaming usage will not get counted in any permanent roaming monitoring reporting. Note following some tips as to how to avoid inadvertent roaming, including important information on Data Roaming and how to turn off automatic data updates: 

You can change your network settings so they don't automatically pick up roaming networks. 

This is in your phone settings and while it varies according to phone type, in general, you can find it by following these steps:

  • Settings
  • Network
  • Network Selection
  • Manual 

Data Roaming

Using Data While Roaming

Data roaming is available while on holiday in Europe and selected countries outside Europe. 

From 15 June 2017 customers can use their plan allowances while roaming in the EU in the same way as if used at home, at no extra cost. Dependent on your plan, data use while roaming in the EU may be subject to a Fair Use Policy (‘FUP’). The FUP will not affect your minute or text allowances, which you will be free to use as normal.

For further information on Roaming within the EU click here

If roaming outside of the EU. Please check here for full listing of roaming rates, including data rates. 

Please ensure that international data roaming is turned on.

Data Roaming Cap and Notifications

Don’t worry about running up large bills. Tesco Mobile protect you by automatically placing a cap of €61.50 (incl. Vat) This cuts off your data usage when you reach this threshold.

How much is the limit

You can use data roaming until you reach €49.20 (80%). At this point, we will send you a text. If you choose to continue browsing, you will receive another text when you reach €61.50 At this point; your usage is capped unless you contact us to request to remove this restriction.

Removing the limit

You can remove this restriction by texting REMCAP to 1744 You can also remove it from the 'My Tesco Mobile' section of

Opting out will happen straight away so you can then continue browsing. This bar reactivates on the first day of the month for prepay customer and the first day of your next billing cycle for Bill Pay customers.

What if I don’t want to use data while abroad?

If you do not wish to use data roaming whilst abroad and /or stop automatic updates on your phone, you can disable this setting on your phone.

iPhone – select Settings/Cellular/data roaming off

Android phones – select settings, Connections, Mobile networks,Data Roaming off

Please remember to activate this upon your return. To use data while in Ireland, this service needs to be turned on. Please note that by turning data roaming off, you are also preventing people to communicate with you via services like ‘WhatsApp’ which relies on a data connection. 

To stop apps automatically updating or using your data when updating 

Most apps update their software to new improved versions from time to time. Set apps to update only when connected to wi-fi to save your data allowance.

Go to Settings

Select iTunes & App Store

Slide Use Cellular Data toggle left

More tips 

Some apps have push notifications to alert you to updates. If you download a new app say no to push notifications. You can switch notification on later in the app if you need them.

Some apps use location data. If you download a new app say no to location data. You can switch location data on later in the app if you need it.

Do I need to change the settings on my phone?

If you wish to data roam on the following networks in the EU (Cyprus CYTA, Greece Telestet, Italy TIM, Portugal TMN, Spain Telefonica), you will need to select international network on your Tesco Mobile SIM Menu.

For this, select the Tesco Mobile SIM APP and select the following options to select your international network.

  • When abroad
  • Network Selection
  • Manual
  • International – (International Belgacom)

iPhone Roaming Issue

If you’re an iPhone 5, 6 or 7 customer who joined Tesco Mobile before February 2017 you may experience issues when using your iPhone outside of Ireland. We have two solutions that will resolve this issue for you.

You can make some settings changes to your iPhone before you travel. Please follow the instructions below to change your settings before travelling.

While in Ireland go to settings on your iPhone and select:

  • Phone
  • Sim applications
  • When abroad
  • Network selection
  • Manual

This manual Tesco IMSI setting can remain like this while in Ireland/NI,and the UK or while roaming in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium. If you are roaming outside of the countries above or run into no coverage areas while roaming in the countries above, then select the following.

Go to settings on your iPhone and select:

  • Phone
  • Sim applications
  • When abroad
  • Network selection
  • Manual

Don’t forget to switch back to National Tesco IMSI or Automatic Mode when you return to Ireland.

If already abroad:

If you are already abroad and need to use the workaround, accessing the SIM Applications Menu and selecting the settings as per instruction below will need to be performed quickly (within 20 seconds) as the iOS software issue reboots the SIM which causes the menu to be unavailable. Alternatively the SIM can be placed in another manufacturer's phone and the workaround can also be completed before returning to the iPhone.


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