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Data Roaming.

Using Data While Roaming

Data roaming is available while on holiday in Europe and selected countries outside Europe.  

From 15 June 2017 customers can use their plan allowances while roaming in the EU in the same way as if used at home, at no extra cost. Dependent on your plan, data use while roaming in the EU may be subject to a Fair Use Policy (‘FUP’). The FUP will not affect your minute or text allowances, which you will be free to use as normal. 

For further information on Roaming within the EU click Roaming

If roaming outside of the EU. Please check Roaming for full listing of roaming rates, including data rates. 

Please ensure that international data roaming is turned on.

Data Roaming Cap and Notifications

Don’t worry about running up large bills. Tesco Mobile protect you by automatically placing a cap of €61.50 (incl. Vat) This cuts off your data usage when you reach this threshold. 

How much is the limit
You can use data roaming until you reach €49.20 (80%). At this point, we will send you a text. If you choose to continue browsing, you will receive another text when you reach €61.50. At this point; your usage is capped unless you contact us to request to remove this restriction.

Removing the limit
You can remove this restriction by texting REMCAP to 1744.

Opting out will happen straight away so you can then continue browsing. This bar reactivates on the first day of the month for prepay customer and the first day of your next billing cycle for Bill Pay customers.

What if I don’t want to use data while abroad? 
If you do not wish to use data roaming whilst abroad and /or stop automatic updates on your phone, you can disable this setting on your phone. 

iPhone – select Settings/Cellular/data roaming off 

Android phones – select settings, Connections, Mobile networks, Data Roaming off 

Please remember to activate this upon your return. To use data while in Ireland, this service needs to be turned on. Please note that by turning data roaming off, you are also preventing people to communicate with you via services like ‘WhatsApp’ which relies on a data connection.  

To stop apps automatically updating or using your data when updating 

Most apps update their software to new improved versions from time to time. Set apps to update only when connected to wi-fi to save your data allowance. 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Select iTunes & App Store 
  • Slide Use Cellular Data toggle left

More tips 
Some apps have push notifications to alert you to updates. If you download a new app say no to push notifications. You can switch notification on later in the app if you need them.

Some apps use location data. If you download a new app say no to location data. You can switch location data on later in the app if you need it.

Do I need to change the settings on my phone?

If you are travelling abroad, you will need to select the Automatic network setting on your Tesco Mobile SIM Menu.

To find the sim menu:
Select 'Tesco Mobile' APP on Android;
Select Settings/SIM Applications;
Select Settings/Mobile + SIM/Sim Settings 

When abroad
Select Mode
Please ensure that the APN is set to “”.