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Tips when Travelling.


Tesco Mobile customers are automatically set up to use their phones abroad. This service is called roaming. Tesco Mobile has a world-wide roaming partner which gives our customers access to 100's of destinations.

Before you travel

If you are a Prepay or capped customer, please make sure to top up before you go.

It is also advisable to register your credit/debit card in case you run out of credit while abroad. You can top up through our Self Serve App, available to download from Android Store and Apple Store, or by sending a text containing the number that you wish to top up by (e.g. 10) to 1745 

If you are a Bill Pay customer and should you exceed your allowances either at home or while roaming in the EU the cost of your usage will be added to your bill. You cannot use your plan allowances while roaming outside of the EU. All roaming usage outside of the EU will be added to your bill. Click Roaming for more information on roaming rates and further information regarding Tesco Mobile’s roam like at home service within EU countries.

Making Calls and Sending Texts

When calling Ireland, dial +353 before the number and drop the zero from the prefix. For example, 01 123 4567 becomes +353 1 123 4567. If you are making a call within the country you are holidaying in, simply dial the local number.

If you are calling another country, dial + and the country code before the number you are dialing For example, if calling a UK number 0123 456 7890, it becomes +44 123 456 7890.

If sending a text message, please make sure that the number you are texting is entered and stored in international format e.g. +353891234567.

1800 (Freephone) numbers are only accessible in the Republic of Ireland.  If you would like to access an 1800 number/service when travelling, you should see if there are any alternative numbers that support the same service (e.g. a geographic or international Freephone number).

To check rates for calling internationally while roaming, click here


Do I need to change the settings on my phone?

If you are travelling abroad, you will need to select the Automatic network setting on your Tesco Mobile SIM Menu.

To find the sim menu:


Select 'Tesco Mobile' APP on Android;


Select Settings/SIM Applications;


Select Settings/Mobile + SIM/Sim Settings 

When abroad

Select Mode


Please ensure that the APN is set to “”.