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Bill Pay

Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Tesco Mobile. Getting started couldn't be easier. 

Pop your new SIM card into your phone. If you're unsure how to do this, there's instructions in your phone manual. If you bought a new phone with us, your new sim card will already be in there. 

Then just make a call and you're ready to go.

How to Unlock your Phone from Another Network

If you've brought your phone from another network, you may need to have your phone unlocked. If so, you will need to contact your previous network provider, quoting your phone IMEI, which can be found on the box of the phone or by dialing *#06#. 

Please note that all networks will have terms and conditions for unlocking phones. 


You will need extra settings if you have just moved to Tesco Mobile or if you have moved your SIM card to another phone. 

Please click here to set up your phone. 

Using the link above, you can send settings to your phone. Enter your mobile number, choose your phone make and model, and we will send the settings to you via text. Follow the instructions provided to install the settings. 

Check my Bill Pay Usage

There's several ways to check what you've used on your Bill Pay number. If you're a new customer, and would like to see what your bill will look like, check here to access our interactive sample bill. 


If you're not registered online, you can do so by clicking on My Tesco Mobile. If you've already registered, just log in.

When you first log in, on the Home page, you can see your most recent bill amount, as well as the remaining balances on all your bundles.

You can view your bills by clicking on the Bills tab on the left hand menu. From here you can view each bill in PDF format.

By choosing the Call History tab on the left hand menu, you can see all the usage to date on your account.

On our App

You can also download our app for Android or iPhone from your app store. From here, you can check your up to date usage and your monthly bills.

With your Phone

To check your remaining units from your phone, text BALANCE to 1744.

To check the cost of your usage outside your plan, text SPEND to 1744.

Bill Pay Plans

Bill Pay Plans

  • Choose a plan that suits you
  • Starting from just €20 a month
  • Phones from free
Click here to see the full range of bill pay plans

SIM Only

  • Keep your current phone
  • Great Value Pay Monthly Plans
  • Choose Between 30 Day or 12 Month Plans

To find out full information on our range of sim only price plans, please click here.

Call Charges

Applicable rates for BillPay Customers from 7th March 2017

Calls to landlines and mobiles within the Republic of Ireland 32c per/min
Calls to Northern Ireland 048 numbers 25c per/min
Texts to all mobiles within the Republic of Ireland 14c per/sms
 Data usage outside of bundle 3c per/mb

A minimum of one minute will be charged, after which, per second billing will apply.
For all data usage outside of your allowance, each data session will be billed per MB with a minimum charge of 1MB.

For other call charges on Tesco Mobile, please click here

Billing FAQs

My First Bill 

All Tesco Mobile Ireland, billing is paperless. To view your bill every month, you will need to register on My Tesco Mobile.

You can get answers to many of your billing questions, by checking our sample interactive bill here.

On your first bill, you will see two lines for monthly subscription. These are the monthly charges for your price plan and, also, a pro-rata charge. The pro-rata charge covers the period between the date you activated your mobile number and your first billing date. The payment that you made online/instore will also be seen here.

Viewing my Bill

Once registered on My Tesco Mobile, you can view your bill each month. We will send you a text when the bill is ready and payment is due 14 days after receiving this text. 

To view your bill, log into My Tesco Mobile. From there, select the Bills tab from the menu on the left hand side of the screen. Bills can be printed from here or saved in PDF format. 

Bill Breakdown

On your bill, you will see all your usage broken down into areas. You will be able to see both usage covered by your tariff and any charges for usage that is not covered by your tariff.

  • Voice Calls: These are charges for calls made and texts sent from your phone. These include calls to landlines and mobiles, national and international, as well as non geographic numbers, such as lo call and premium rated. 
  • TMI On Net: Calls / texts made to other Tesco Mobile Ireland customers.
  • TMI Off Net: Calls / texts made to numbers not on the Tesco Mobile network.
  • Data: These are charges for using mobile internet, email and other data services. If you're using a smartphone, then some of the apps on your phone may incur data charges. 
  • Picture Messages: These are MMS (multimedia messages) that you send from your phone. 
  • Roaming: These are any calls made or received and text sent while using your phone outside the Republic of Ireland. Your bill will also tell you the area your roaming charges originate from. 
  • International:  These are any calls made to numbers outside the Republic of Ireland. 

At any time in the month you can check the current cost of your bill and any charges not covered by your plan. Simply text 'SPEND' to 1744. This is a free text.

Inclusive Units

There are several ways you can check your allowance of minutes, text and data.

Log into My Tesco Mobile. Once logged in from the Home screen, you can see all bundle balances. These show both percentages remaining and actual balances remaining.

The My Tesco Mobile app for Android and iPhone are available free of charge from your app store.

You can also text BALANCE for free to 1744.

Changing your Tariff

You may request a Tariff transfer by notifying Customer Care. However, within any Minimum Term you cannot move onto a Tariff with a lower monthly payment unless the charges for the new Tariff exceed the total tariff charges for the remainder of the existing Service Agreement. This does not affect your right to cancel your contract under paragraph 3 (Cooling-off Period) or paragraph 5. Ending this Service Agreement you can also change to a higher plan if you wish by entering into a new Service Agreement.


All Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly customers are billed via direct debit.

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Direct debit via current account.
  • Direct debit using a credit card.
  • Direct debit using a debit / laser card.

We do not accept payments via cash / cheque.

If you need to change your payment details at any stage throughout your contract you must contact customer care.

Overdue Balances

We will contact you to notify you of any balances that remain outstanding on your account.

When you receive this notification text, we request that you contact us to arrange payment.

It is important that you do not ignore these text notifications as failure to contact us may result in a restriction of your services.

Once there is an overdue balance on the account, it will need to be cleared as soon as possible. It is not possible to carry this balance through to the following month to be taken via direct debit.


Register your Clubcard

Register your Clubcard number with us and receive Clubcard points whenever you top up or pay your bill.

You can register your Clubcard in several ways:

  • By logging into your account at My Tesco Mobile 
  • By logging into your Self-Serve account on your Android/iOS Device.
  • or by texting the word CLUBCARD followed by a space and your Clubcard number to 1744 from your Tesco Mobile phone.

If you're a Prepay customer you'll collect 2 Clubcard points for every euro of Top Up credit bought in a Tesco store, via text or online and activated on the network .

If you're a Bill Pay customer, when you register your Clubcard with us, you’ll collect 2 points for every €1 of your bill paid by direct debit.

Please note that while you can buy Tesco Mobile credit in lots of other outlets, you will not collect Clubcard points on these purchases.

Clubcard Boost

What is Clubcard Boost?

Clubcard Boost gives you great ways to use your Clubcard vouchers. There are over 150 deals to choose from. Check the website here for all the deals available.

What deals do Tesco Mobile offer?

You can use your Clubcard vouchers to purchase a top up voucher or money off your bill worth three times the value of your Clubcard voucher. For instance with a €5 clubcard voucher, you can buy a top up voucher/money off your bill worth €15. These can only be purchased in €5 increments, so €5, €10, €15 etc, and the minimum spend is €5.

How can I purchase a deal?

You need to go to the Clubcard Boost website and  click on Redeem Now from the home screen. You will need to enter the code from your Clubcard voucher so make sure you have this to hand. 

Will these Top Ups activate my bundles?

Yes. Any Top Up purchased through Clubcard Boost acts the same as any other Top Up purchased from Tesco Mobile.

What happens if I have change from my voucher?

Any change from your voucher will be credited back to your Clubcard Account and included in your next Clubcard Statement.

I have other questions about clubcard deals

For the full range of deals available, as well as frequently asked questions, please check the Clubcard Boost website here.

Cancelling your Account

30 Day SIM Only / Capped Plans

If you are on a SIM only plan, we will cancel your plan for you before the start of your next billing period. Please contact customer care on 1749 to request that we cancel your account. We will move your number to Pay As You Go the day before your new billing period begins. If you have made calls not covered by your plan such as international/premium calls, then you will receive a final bill for these charges.

Contract Plans

When you enter into a new plan, you have 14 days from the date of activation from which you can cancel your account. If you choose to cancel your account after this time, you will then be liable for the recurring monthly charges on your account for the remainder of your contracted period. This charge will appear as a cancellation fee on your final bill.
Please contact Customer Care on 1749 to discuss this. 

Credit Limit Explained

We may set a credit limit on your account until you have established a good payment history with us or if you fail to pay your account on time. The default credit limit value is €50 and we may increase, decrease or remove your credit limit without notice. If you exceed the credit limit we set, we may suspend any or all of the Tesco Mobile Services you use until you have made a payment to your account. You should not use the credit limit for budgeting as the amount you owe is not capped or limited by any credit limit we set. You may contact Tesco Mobile’s Customer Care team on 1903 at any time to find out your then current credit limit and or modify the limit.

You will be notified when you reach 80% of this limit and again at 100%. When you reach 100%, outgoing calls may be barred.

We would recommend that you contact us once you receive the 80% notification text to discuss your account.

Pro Rata Explained

When you sign up to your chosen tariff, your first bill will be created within the next 16 days (depending on which date your contract starts). As your first bill does not include a full month’s usage, you are only charged subscription fees/line rental for the number of days your account has been active within the dates of your first bill.

For example, if Patrick activated his tariff of €30 per month for 24 months on 27th September, he will only be charged for the days his account has been active until the next bill cycle end date (in Patrick’s case this would be 30th September). Therefore, Patrick will pay for the 4 days of being active on his tariff in September rather than for the full month of September for his monthly subscription of €30

Patrick would usually pay €30 for being active for the full 30 days in September, however as he was only active for 4 of these days it means he will only pay €4 for his subscription charge in his first bill.

In total, Patrick’s subscription charges will include the €4 for his September days, as well as the €30 full month subscription charge for October in advance as you pay in advance for your price plan tariff.

In addition to Patrick’s subscription fees/line rental being reduced to only cover his few days’ usage, his bundle allowance is also reduced to only cover his few days’ usage.

For example, as Patrick was only active for 4 days of the bill cycle, he will be allowed 4 days’ worth of usage for each of his bundles. He is allowed 500 minutes and 500 texts for the full month (30 days), but as he is only active for 4 days, then his allowance of free usage is reduced to 4 days’ worth:

•500 (minutes + texts Patrick is allowed) divided by 30 (days in the month of September) equals 16.66

•16.66 (minutes + texts per day of that month) multiplied by 4 (number of days Patrick will be active in that bill cycle) equals 66.66

Similarly for Patrick’s data allowance:

•15 (GB data Patrick is allowed) divided by 30 (days in the month of September) equals 0.5

•0.5 (GB data per day of that month) multiplied by 4 (number of days Patrick will be active in that bill cycle) equals 2

Therefore, Patrick’s free allowance for those 4 days is 66 minutes, 66 texts and 2GB of data. His full allowance will be available at the start of his next bill cycle (in this example, 1st October).


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