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Tesco Clubcard

Double your data with Clubcard.

On our latest prepay plan you can double your data when you register your Clubcard to your Tesco Mobile account and top up by €15

If you’re already on this prepay plan you can get double data when you register your Clubcard on the Tesco Mobile app or at and then top up by €15 or more in one go.

If you’re on another plan you can move to this plan by texting Join Prepay 15 to 1744 or call us on 1749. Make sure your Clubcard is registered to Tesco Mobile and then top up by €15 or more in one go.

Tesco Clubcard

Double your points.

Register your Clubcard to Tesco Mobile to receive Clubcard points every time you top up in our stores, via the Tesco Mobile app and or pay your bill with us by direct debit.

Tesco Clubcard

Make your Clubcard vouchers go even further with Boost.

Exchange €5 in Clubcard vouchers for €15 off your monthly bill or €15 in Tesco Mobile phone top up.

Get even more with Clubcard.


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