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EU Roaming

Travelling in the EU

With Tesco Mobile, you can use your plan allowances while travelling in the EU just like you would at home in Ireland for no extra cost! This means that if you’re travelling within the EU and want to make a call, send a text or use data, you’ll pay the same price as you would at home in Ireland. A fair usage policy applies to data for some plans – see following FAQ section for answers to all of your questions.


How are Tesco Mobile’s fair usage policies for EU data roaming calculated?

Tesco Mobile adheres to the EU Commissions guidelines on fair usage policies for EU data roaming. The EU Commission guidelines state that the following formula should be used to calculate fair usage policies for large data bundled offers:

Monthly plan value (service component excluding VAT) / 2.5 * 2 = Fair usage amount

From 1st January 2022, the new wholesale rate will be 0.30c (inc. VAT) per MB / 0.24c (ex VAT), charged on a per MB basis. The new fair usage amount on the €20 All in SIM will be:

16.26 (20 excluding VAT) / 2.5 * 2 = 13GB or 13,320 MB

For Prepay examples visit the Prepay EU roaming page.

For more Bill pay examples visit the Bill pay EU Roaming page.

What is it going to cost me if/when I go over my bundle allowances?

Calls, texts or data usage outside of your allowances while roaming will be charged at the same standard out of bundle rates as you would be charged at home. For more details please visit Prepay and Bill pay pages.

Is there a maximum amount that I can be charged for roaming?

To protect you against excess data roaming bills we have set a limit on the amount that you can be billed. Your limit is set at €61.50 (outside of your monthly charge). Therefore you cannot be charged more than this for roaming unless you remove the limit.

Once you reach 80% of this limit we will send you a text to let you know. When you reach 100% you will get another text message. At that point your phone will not work for any billable activity such as an outbound call, text message or data usage. Unless you remove the limit.

If you want to remove this limit simply text REMCAP to 1744.

Are there any restrictions on my use while roaming in the EU?

Yes, the following restrictions are in place:

  1. Fair usage allowance is in place for data roaming on Bill pay and Prepay.

  2. Out of allowance calls to international destinations at discounted rates and premium rate services are not available while EU roaming.

  3. Permanent roaming: EU roaming is designed for customers based in the Republic of Ireland who wish to temporarily use their phone while travelling within EU countries. It is not meant for customers living in another EU country. If Tesco Mobile observes excessive roaming usage and presence each month and this usage prevails over a 4 month period (observed cumulatively), Tesco Mobile may contact you to request that you to alter your usage pattern.

    However, should you fail to alter your usage within the timeframe specified in the alert message, Tesco Mobile reserves the right to charge you for the excessive element of your usage at your Plan's standard out of bundle rate or to modify or suspend your use of the Plan or to withdraw your access to the service entirely in certain circumstances including but not limited to circumstances which amount to persistent abuse of the service. Tesco Mobile’s complaint handling process as detailed in section 3.18 of the General Terms and Conditions shall be utilised for any complaints made regarding the application of the FUP.
    Click here for the General Terms and Conditions.

  4. Prepay authentication: Customers that join Tesco Mobile after the 15th of June 2017 will need to pass a basic customer authenticity check to become eligible to use allowances while roaming. To pass an authenticity check all a customer needs to do is sign into or register a Tesco Clubcard to their Tesco Mobile account.
  5. Please note that MMS are unavailable while roaming.

Is there a fair usage policy in place for calls and texts while EU roaming?

Call and text allowances are subject to the same fair usage policies as they would be at home in Ireland. This means that it will cost the same for national calls and texts while EU roaming as it would when you are at home in Ireland.

Why can I not use the full data allowance for EU roaming?

The EU Commission has put fair use policies in place that allow operators that offer open data bundles (bundles with large data allowances for example 20GB for €25 or unlimited data allowances) to cap the amount available for use from your bundle while roaming in any given month.

What happens if I am roaming outside of the EU?

The new roaming changes only apply within the EU. Roaming outside of the EU will continue to be charged at a different rate dependent on the country you visit.

Click here for the link to all current roaming rates.

What if I go outside my allowance while EU roaming?

If you go outside your FUP allowance while roaming in the EU yet remain within your domestic allowance, you’ll be charged an additional fee which is equal to the wholesale rate ie. 0.24c per MB (ex VAT) / 0.30c per MB (Inc. VAT) until you reach your domestic data allowance.

Continued usage beyond the allowance will be charged at standard out of bundle rates.

Will you let me know what my allowance is when I’m EU roaming?

Yes, you will receive an automated text with your roaming allowance when you arrive at your roaming destination. What’s more, we’ll also notify you by text when you reach 80% and 100% of your allowance.

You can at any stage free text the word ROAM to 1744 to find out your allowance.

Do I have to do anything in order to be able to use my plan while roaming in the EU?

All Tesco Mobile customers are automatically set up to use their phones abroad.

Some Prepay customers may need to pass a basic customer authenticity check (i.e. all they need to do is sign into or register a Tesco Clubcard to their Tesco Mobile account.) to use their plan while roaming in the EU.

When travelling either within the EU or elsewhere, you may need to adjust the settings on your phone in order to ensure your phone attaches to the network in the host country.
Click here for more information.

I live / work in a border county and travel across the border regularly - How will the changes affect me?

Now that customers can use their plans while roaming in the EU, for you this is a positive development as you won’t incur any additional as a result of inadvertent roaming as long as you stay within your allowance. If you exceed your allowance, the same standard rates apply to domestic and EU roaming usage. However customers must register their details to ensure they are not negatively affected.

Customers who live and or work in border counties will need to be aware of inadvertent roaming and should take steps to avoid it as detailed in the roaming tips section- click here.

Once registered, any inadvertent border roaming usage will not get counted in any permanent roaming monitoring reporting. Check out our roaming tips section on how to manage your data roaming including how to turn off data and automatic updates etc.

Can I use add-on allowances while EU roaming? Can I use the add-on in addition to my data allowance?

Yes, each add-on carries its own data roaming fair usage policy

Can I use Mobile Broadband when EU roaming?

No, Tesco Mobile’s Broadband product is a domestic only service.

How can I monitor my usage while EU roaming?

Simply free text the word ROAM to 1744 and you will receive an automated response with your up to date allowance. This number is free to text from Ireland or the EU.

How can I contact customer care when roaming?

1743 for roaming info. +353894200000 to Care. Webchat.

Click here for more information on roaming, directly from the EU Commission’s website

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