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Your Plan

Pro Rata Explained.

Add-ons are prorated. This means if a customer purchases an add-on mid-month, the customer will receive the full allowance and only get charged from the date of opt-in to your next billing date. The proration is applied only for the first month for Bill pay customers, until it aligns with the customer’s monthly billing cycle. For example if a customer adds a 5GB Data allowance mid bill cycle – we only charge €5 and the customer gets the full 5GB of data. The customer will be charged the full €10 for the second month from opt-in.

When you sign up to your chosen plan, your first bill will be created within the next 16 days (depending on which date your contract starts). As your first bill does not include a full month’s usage, you are only charged subscription fees/line rental for the number of days your account has been active within the dates of your first bill.

For example, if Patrick activated his plan of €30 per month for 24 months on 27th September, he will only be charged for the days his account has been active until the next bill cycle end date (in Patrick’s case this would be 30th September). Therefore, Patrick will pay for the 4 days of being active on his plan in September rather than for the full month of September for his monthly subscription of €30

Patrick would usually pay €30 for being active for the full 30 days in September, however as he was only active for 4 of these days it means he will only pay €4 for his subscription charge in his first bill.

In total, Patrick’s subscription charges will include the €4 for his September days, as well as the €30 full month subscription charge for October in advance as you pay in advance for your price plan.