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Your Plan

How to perform a Recurring Top Up.

We offer all Prepay customers the opportunity to perform a Recurring Top Up so that you will always stay connected. You can Top Up your account or other Tesco Mobile accounts through the My Tesco Mobile app which you can download here for Apple or here for Android.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, just follow the easy steps below.

Remember customers who register their Clubcard to their Tesco Mobile accounts receive double Clubcard points for every Top Up (meaning 30 points into your account for every €15 Top Up).


1. Open Tesco Mobile App and select More.


2. Select Top Ups



3. Select Amount you wish to Top Up by and the phone number you wish to Top Up



4. Select Recurring and select start date



5. Add Credit Card if you haven’t already one registered



6. Select Submit. Your recurring top up will be scheduled automatically from then in accordance with your plan.