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Getting Started

Moving your Number.

Moving your Number.
Your new Phone or SIM card comes with a new 089 number, but you can keep your existing mobile number if you prefer. Follow the below steps to move your old number to Tesco Mobile:

Start the Registration process at My Tesco Mobile. Using your new Tesco Mobile number (089)

Go to the ‘Move My Number’ section.

Follow the steps and the process takes just 10 minutes.

Please note that the process will require both your old and new SIM.

You will be sent a text containing a verification code to the number that you are porting to Tesco Mobile. Please check your existing SIM card as this is not sent to the Tesco Mobile SIM card. It is sent to the number that you wish to move to the Tesco Mobile network. Enter the code contained in the text to complete the process. 

If you would prefer, call us on 1903 and we can complete this for you.

Please note if we move your number by calling  1903, we will need to speak to you on the number you wish to move to Tesco Mobile so please call us on that number. Alternatively, if you contact us from another telephone line, we will call your existing number to verify your details before the port can be submitted.

Moving your number normally takes 2 hours to complete within the below porting hours. You can continue to use your phone during this time. 


Porting Hours
Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm.
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays 10am - 4pm

Please make sure that you use all your credit with your existing provider. We also advise that you copy your contacts to your new Tesco Mobile SIM card as these will not automatically be transferred. You will need to ensure that you are using a Tesco Mobile phone or a phone that has been unlocked for your Tesco Mobile SIM card to work.