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Data and Internet

Data charges.

Tesco Mobile charges between 0.5c and 3c per MB for any data used which exceeds your Bill pay plan amount depending on your plan or 10c per MB when you go Out Of Bundle on Prepay. You can purchase bundles of data, and anything you use over this amount is also charged per MB. Each data session will be billed per MBClick here to see the available data add-ons.

There is an EU data roaming cap of €61.50. If you go over this amount while roaming, a bar will apply and you won’t be able to access more data. 

The cap renews automatically per calendar month for Prepay, and per billing cycle for Bill pay. This means that the bar may apply even if you have previously removed the cap.

You can check how much data you have left by:

  • dialling *100*6# and pressing the call button
  • logging onto My Tesco Mobile
  • using our app for Android and iPhone