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With our text and data bundle add-ons, we offer you even greater value allowing you to use your phone how you want. If you are a prepay customer, the cost of the bundle will be simply deducted from your credit every 28 days. If you are a bill pay customer, add-ons are recurring and the cost is simply added to your monthly bill.

Recurring Bundles

Data Charge Opt-in
1GB Data €5.00 Text "OptIn DATA" to 1744 more info
5GB Data €10.00 Text "OptIn DATA5" to 1744 more info
Unlimited Texts €10.00 Text "OptIn TEXT" to 1744 more info

Once Off Bundles

You can choose from one of our once off Add-ons. They’re great value starting from just 79c for 24 hours.

Allowance Length Charge Opt-in
100 texts 28 days €5.00 Text "Texts" to 174208 more info
50MB 1 day €0.79 Text "Data" to 174209 more info
350MB 7 day €2.99 Text "Data" to 174210 more info
1GB Data 28 days €5.00 Text "Data" to 174211 more info
5GB 28 days €10.00 Text "Data" to 174212 more info

Access to 4G is strictly subject to a customer’s handset 4G capability, 4G network coverage and plan.

How much data do I need?

Web pages and emails vary in size depending on text and graphics included. The information below displays typical data usage.

You can check how much data is remaining in your bundle by dialling *100*6# and press the call button or by logging onto My Tesco Mobile, or our app for Android and iPhone.

Once off data Add-ons

Your Add-on is active from the next data session initiated on your phone.

If you have an existing active data session (e.g. a YouTube video running or file download) when you purchase the Add-on, these may continue to be charged at the outside bundle rates until the session is complete.

To ensure your data usage is covered by your Add-on immediately, it is recommended that you stop all active sessions as soon as you purchase the Add-on.

This can be achieved by putting your phone to airplane mode and back or by restarting your phone.

Your data add-on cannot be used to purchase content (Ringtones, Games etc), however the data used to download the content is included.

You will need extra credit on your account for any other call types or services. For use in the Republic of Ireland only. Fair usage policy applies.

* Sending any message (even blank) to 174209, 174210 or 174211 will automatically deduct the cost of that bundle from your balance, so please don't text these numbers unless you're ready to buy.

If you purchase a new data once off Add-on before an existing once off data Add-on has expired, both the remaining data allowance and expiry date are extended by the new data Add-on purchase e.g. if you have 10 days and 500MB left from your initial 28 day Add-on when you purchase a new 28 day data Add-on you will now have 38 days of data usage with a 1524MB data allowance.

Recurring Data Add-Ons

If you have a recurring data bundle add-on, you may purchase a once off data bundle as well. However the expiry date for this new add-on will be the same as that of the original recurring data add-on.

Recurring Text Add-On

A fair usage limit of 5,000 texts per month applies to the Unlimited Text Add-on. This excludes premium rate messages, international text, any text messages sent whilst roaming or to any other non-geographic numbers.

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