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Simply Prepay 21.08.2018 – 28.02.2019

The following terms and conditions of the Tesco Mobile Simply Prepay offer ("Offer") are in addition to and form part of the General Terms and Conditions of the Tesco Mobile Services which are available at our terms and conditions page and the standard Prepay Terms and Conditions available here. In the event of any conflict the specific terms and conditions below shall prevail.

Note that capitalised words have special meanings - see the "Definitions" section at the end of these terms.

  • The Offer of Unlimited calls to any network, Unlimited Tesco Mobile to Tesco Mobile texts and 15GB data is available to all new and existing Tesco Mobile Prepay customers that top up by a minimum of €15 in one go every 28 days from 21st August 2018 and will run until 28th February 2019.
  • The Offer also provides access to Tesco Mobile’s 4G Data Network. Access to 4G is strictly subject to a customer’s handset 4G capability, 4G network coverage and plan. Mobile internet speeds can vary due to a number of factors including but not limited to local conditions, the number of users in your area, the device you are using, and general internet traffic. To verify 4G coverage in your area please visit here
  • 4G will be provisioned within 48 hours of the minimum amount top up, 4G cannot be used when roaming and usage of this plan specifically the 4G service is for mobile phone data use only.
  • To avail of the Offer, customers must top up by a minimum of €15 in one go every 28 days and maintain a positive credit balance to continue to receive the Offer. Excludes any promotional top up credit received in that 28 day period. When you top up by €15 in one transaction, €15 charge will be debited from your credit and the Offer will activate. This €15 charge will apply each time you top up by €15 in one transaction. A bonus of €5 credit is then applied to your account to spend on out of bundle services. There is no carryover of Offer benefits allowance following any 28 day period. This includes the bonus credit which also has a 28 day expiry.
  • If you top up again before the end of the 28 day term, then a new 28 day term starts. If you fail to complete the minimum top up before the end of a 28 day term, then you will lose the Offer benefits allowance and will be charged the Standard Rates for calls & texts and data. However, topping up by a minimum of €15 in one go will again reactivate the Offer and give you 28 days of benefits.
  • Customers are eligible for the Offer so long as they remain a Tesco Mobile Simply Prepay customer and top up by a minimum of €15 for each 28 day benefit allowance. For the avoidance of doubt, customers who leave Tesco Mobile will no longer be eligible for the Offer and will lose any unused benefit allowances or credit.
  • Top Up vouchers must be added to your account within 24 months of purchase or will expire. Retailers may apply a charge for purchasing Top Up vouchers which is outside our control.
  • There is a maximum credit ceiling of €120 for top ups applied after 21st August 2018. We will endeavour to alert you if nearing this limit to request that you refrain from topping up for a period so that your credit can be used and your balance falls below the limit. Usage will be charged at Standard Rates. In the event that your credit balance reaches this limit, top up facilities will be restricted, and your credit will be used as detailed above. Your next Top Up of €15 in a 28 day period will trigger the Offer benefits, subject to the cap not being reached.
  • The Offer applies to all standard Republic of Ireland mobile and landline calls and data usage in Ireland. In addition, you can use your off net voice, text and / or data bundle allowances while roaming in the EU in the same way as you would use at home i.e. Roam Like At Home (‘RLAH’), however usage may be subject to a Fair Usage Policy (‘FUP’) and proof of stable links. EU roaming is designed for customers based in the Republic of Ireland who wish to temporarily use their phone while travelling within EU countries. It is not meant for customers living in another EU country. If Tesco Mobile observes excessive roaming usage and presence each month and this usage prevails over a 4 month period (observed cumulatively), Tesco Mobile may contact you to request that you to alter your usage pattern. Tesco Mobile reserves the right to request proof of residency in order to enable you to RLAH i.e. use your Plan / Service while roaming periodically in the EU. Proof of residency may be established through registration with the mytesco portal or Tesco Clubcard or by providing a valid document confirming your place of residence (see here for a complete list of acceptable proofs). The RLAH FUP: the Data FUP allowance will be calculated in accordance with the Commission’s Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/2286 and you will be informed of this once you start to roam. Once connected to the Tesco Mobile Service you will receive a ‘Welcome’ message which will detail important information to help get you started including providing you with a direct link to where comprehensive information is clearly published on our website regarding roaming services, including information about Tesco Mobiles RLAH service, the FUP and alerts and the Roaming Data cap – see here.. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions which detail the Roaming Services terms including RLAH terms.
  • The Offer excludes international calls, roaming in non EU countries and calls to directory enquiries, premium rate numbers or any non-standard number, downloads while roaming in non EU countries.
  • Customers can avail of our recurring bundles on top of this Offer once you have a credit balance to cover the bundle cost, see recurring add-ons details here.
  • The Offer benefits allowance in respect of calls is subject to a fair usage limit in the 28 day period succeeding your top up of 10,000 minutes with no more than 360 minutes allowed per day.
  • A fair usage policy limit of 3,000 any-time ROI to ROI Tesco Mobile to Tesco Mobile texts applies to the 28 day period succeeding your top up.
  • Tesco Mobile may contact you to advise you that your usage exceeds the fair usage limits and request that you change how you use the Tesco Mobile services. If you do not comply with a direction from Tesco Mobile to stop or change the nature of your Tesco Mobile service use, Tesco Mobile may suspend, modify or restrict your use of the Tesco mobile services or terminate your access to the Tesco Mobile network without further notice to you and without any entitlement to a refund on your part.
  • All calls or texts which are not included in the Offer will be charged from your credit balance at Standard Rates published here(see Other Call Charges section).
  • All calls other than domestic calls – e.g. non-geographic numbers (other than calls to 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076 from 1 December 2019) will be charged from your top up balance. See our Other Call Charges section for details here.
  • Your Tesco Mobile phone number and SIM Card is valid and will remain active for as long as you are using your Mobile Phone regularly for outbound and inbound activity. However if you do not make a Credit Top Up to your Account, or make a chargeable use for 6 months as per the Activity Criterion, your Account and any outstanding Credit on your Account will be suspended. If this happens you may reactivate your Account by calling Customer Care for free on 1749 and any unused credit on your Account will be available to you again. Failure to reactivate your Account will result in your Account being deactivated and your number entering Tesco Mobile’s number recycling policy – see the Terms and Conditions.
  • Customers who take up this Offer in doing so give consent to Tesco Mobile to contact them by SMS to inform them of any changes to the Offer and updates in respect of the Offer while the customer remains on the Offer. This does not affect or limit any previous consent given by the customer.
  • Tesco Mobile will endeavour to send a reminder to top up before your offer period expires. However we will not be responsible for any consequences which flow from a failure to send a reminder if for any reason a reminder is delayed and not received or cannot be sent.
  • If you leave the Tesco Mobile network by porting your number to another network you will lose any remaining allowance in your Offer and any remaining Credit will be forfeited. If your Service is suspended or terminated you will lose any remaining allowance in your Offer. No refund for unused allowances or credit will be given. All charges are inclusive of VAT at the then applicable rate, currently 23%.
  • Tesco Mobile reserves the right to suspend or cease these offers and to amend and modify these terms and conditions, including prices or offer duration for any legitimate commercial, technical or operational reason and will notify you as required.
  • Tesco Mobile reserves the right to withdraw the Offer from any particular customer at any time or vary or amend any element of the promotion without further notice.

Definitions: In these Terms and Conditions the following terms have the following meanings:

  • 4G – means access to the 4G Data Network which provides a 4G data experience. 4G availability is dependent on device capability, coverage and Plan. See the General Terms and Conditions for information regarding Tesco Mobile’s Internet Access Service -
  • Activity Criterion: to ensure your service is not suspended due to inactivity - you must make at least one chargeable outbound service usage in the 180 day period following activation of a voucher or credit being applied to your account.
  • Standard Rates – means the standard prepay rates for Services (see Other Call Charges section within the following
  • Unlimited – unlimited services are capped at significantly high thresholds which the average user would not use within a 28 day period

Effective date: 21st August 2018

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