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Data and Internet

Data charges

Tesco Mobile charges 3c per MB for any data used which exceeds your Billpay plan amount or 10c per MB when you go Out Of Bundle on Prepay. You can purchase bundles of data, and anything you use over this amount is also charged per MB. Each data session will be billed per MBClick here to see the available data add-ons.

There is an EU data roaming cap of €50 excluding vat. If you go over this amount while roaming, a bar will apply and you won’t be able to access more data. You can remove this by going online to My Tesco Mobile.

The cap renews automatically per calendar month for Prepay, and per billing cycle for Billpay. This means that the bar may apply even if you have previously removed the cap.

You can check how much data you have left by:

  • dialling *100*6# and pressing the call button
  • logging onto My Tesco Mobile
  • using our app for Android and iPhone

Mobile Broadband Top Up

As a mobile broadband customer follow the below steps to perform a Top Up.

Please ensure you register your contact details on

1. From the Top Up menu use your credit card to put €15 credit on your account.

2. Return to the Home page.

3. Scroll down to the available Bundles, and click on the 'Buy Bundle' option.

4. This will apply 7.5GB of Data to your account.

You can also purchase a voucher in store, and apply this credit through 

Mobile Broadband Settings

The settings for connecting to the Internet are already preset on your Mobile Broadband device if you purchased it from Tesco Mobile.

If you have your own device which you didn't purchase from Tesco Mobile, you will need to update the settings.

  • Open the Configuration Management Tool by going to your browser and entering the web address. For devices purchased from Tesco Mobile it is: For other devices, you will need to check with the manufacturer.
  • Enter in the following username and password:
  • Default user: admin
  • Default password: admin
  • Go to Dial Up Mobile Connection
  • Set Data Roaming to Enabled.
  • Profile Management
  • Set APN to tmidata

For iPad

  • Go to Settings
  • Cellular Data
  • APN
  • Add APN tmidata
  • Go to Settings
  • Cellular Data
  • Set Data Roaming to Enabled

For Android Tablets

  • Go to Settings
  • More Networks
  • Mobile Networks
  • Access Point Names
  • Add APN tmidata
  • Go to Settings
  • More Networks
  • Mobile Networks
  • Data Roaming
  • Set to On/Enabled

Broadband Troubleshooting

Having issues with your Mobile Broadband? We've provided some troubleshooting steps for common issues below.

Device Won't Install

If you’re having issues installing your Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi device, try the following steps:

  • Plug out device and switch off your PC or laptop.
  • Switch your computer / laptop back on.
  • When your computer / laptop is loaded, plug in Wi-Fi device again.
  • You should see a message indicating that the device is installing driver.

I Can't Connect to the Internet

If you installed the Wi-Fi device on a PC or laptop, there should be a shortcut to the web management page on the desktop.

If your device is connected to the Internet, you should see the Internet "world" symbol highlighted and “Connected” displayed.

If you are not connected, please check that you have signal coverage with Tesco Mobile on the home screen.

Access the Configuration Management Tool

The Configuration Management Tool for Mobile Broadband will allow you to perform a number of functions including:

  • Change your SSID: This is the name you will see if searching for your Wi-Fi.
  • Change your Wi-Fi key: This is your Wi-Fi password. 
  • Change the settings: If you didn't buy your dongle/device from Tesco Mobile. Click here for instructions on how to change your settings.
  • Check your signal strength.
  • Send and receive text messages: These are charged at the normal rate, and will be deducted from your credit if you're on Pay as you Go, and will reflect on your bill if you're on Pay Monthly. 

  • How to Access it

    If you are connected to the Tesco Mobile Wi-Fi device, then open a browser and enter in the address box (on phone or laptop). Default user is admin. Default password is admin (this password should be changed).

    Changing my Wi-Fi SSID or Wi-Fi Key

    You do this through the Configuration Management tool. 
    If you are connected to the Tesco Mobile Wi-Fi device then open a browser and enter in the address box. This will work on your phone, tablet or laptop. 

    Enter the following username and password: 
    • Default user: admin
    • Default password: admin (we recommend you change this password)
    1. Go to Configure WLAN Settings
    2. You can change the SSID (Wi-Fi name) and Wi-Fi key (Wi-Fi password) here.

    I’ve Forgotten my SSID / Wi-Fi Password

    If you have forgotten your Wi-Fi Key (Wi-Fi Password), then you can reset this to the original code that is displayed on the label inside your Mobile Broadband device.

    • Remove the back of the device.
    • Reset the device by pressing the reset button with a pin. 
    • The button is located below the battery.

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