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Prepay Phones

Unfortunately we don't have prepay phones in this search criteria at the moment

Services are dependent on a number of factors, see here for further detail. Plan Terms and Conditions apply – see here. A minimum top up of €15 required every 28 days. The offer will re-activate every time the minimum amount is applied. This means that a new 28-day term starts, the offer allowances are re-set and you will lose any remaining allowances from the initial top-up as there is no carry over of allowances. Keep your €15 credit – when you top up by €15, a €15 charge will be debited from your credit and €15 plan credit provided to you by Tesco Mobile. *Fair usage applies to Unlimited services - i.e. per 28 day period, up to 3,000 Tesco Mobile texts, up to 10,000 call minutes to landlines and mobile phones in the Republic of Ireland and while roaming in the EU and 15GB of data to use in the Republic of Ireland and up to 13.55GB while roaming in the EU. Once you exceed the fair use limits, out of bundle rates apply. Excludes roaming outside of the EU, international calls, premium rate and other non-geographic usage (other than calls to 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076 from 1 December 2019). Unused Credit will expire after 28 days. **Tesco Mobile Prepay 15 customers get an additional 15GB data (for ROI use only) by registering their Clubcard to their Tesco Mobile account. Clubcard double data terms and conditions apply- see here