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My Tesco Mobile

Managing your Account

My Tesco Mobile Registration 


  • On the website click on the blue 'Log in' button at the top right of the website.
  • This will bring you to the website.
  • Next click on the 'Join MyTesco Mobile' button you will then be prompted to enter your mobile telephone number.
  • Please insert your number and click on the next button (as below).
  • The next screen presented will request you to enter the code that was sent to your Tesco mobile telephone, it can take upto 1 minute for the TXT message to get to your Phone. This is a security feature which ensures you are in possession of the Sim Card that you are registering with our network.
  • Our validation process consists of a code sent to your Tesco Mobile telephone number, so please ensure the Sim Card is inserted into the phone and the phone is turned on.
  • You will then be asked for your registration details, which include your name and address. We will also ask for your mother's maiden name. This is used as a security question to validate your account when you contact Customer Care. 

Your username will be your mobile number

When you complete the registration process you will receive a text message with your password.

We recommend that once logged in, you change this to a password of your choosing.

Changing your Password

Once logged in, go to the 'Details' tab on the left hand menu. From here, choose the option to Change Password.
Just enter your current password, your new password, and confirm your new password. Click on Change Password at the bottom to complete. 

Forgot your Password

If you have forgotten or need to reset your password, go to My Tesco Mobile. This will bring you to the login screen, where you click on the “forgot your password” link. You will be asked for your mobile number and your mother’s maiden name (in the case sensitive format you entered on registration).

You will then be sent a text with a new password. 

Account Locked

If your password is locked, you just need to follow the 'Forgot your password' process as outlined above.



Get 250 free webtexts each month with My Tesco Mobile. You can send 200 free national texts and 50 free international texts each month through your online account. Web Text Message Content will only be stored for a duration of 31 Days, after which the content will be deleted.

Features of Webtexts

Prepay Customers

Get 250 free webtexts when you top up by €10 every calender month. Your allowance will apply on the first of each month if you have topped up by €10 or more in the previous month.

If you use up your allowance, you can still use this service. Outside your 250 SMS bundle, texts to Tesco Mobile Ireland customers will be free and texts to other mobile networks will be charged at 14c per text. This will be deducted from your balance. If your bonus balance has been used, we will then debit your main credit.

Bill Pay Customers

All Bill Pay customers immediately qualify for free Webtext.

If you use up your allowance, you can still use this service. Outside your 250 SMS bundle, texts to Tesco Mobile Ireland customers will be free and texts to other mobile networks will be taken from your monthly bundle and then billed at 14c per text.

Clubcard Boost

What is Clubcard Boost?

Clubcard Boost gives you great ways to use your Clubcard vouchers. There are over 150 deals to choose from. Check the website here for all the deals available.

What deals do Tesco Mobile offer?

You can use your Clubcard vouchers to purchase a top up voucher or money off your bill worth three times the value of your Clubcard voucher. For instance with a €5 clubcard voucher, you can buy a top up voucher/money off your bill worth €15. These can only be purchased in €5 increments, so €5, €10, €15 etc, and the minimum spend is €5.

How can I purchase a deal?

You need to go to the Clubcard Boost website and  click on Redeem Now from the home screen. You will need to enter the code from your Clubcard voucher so make sure you have this to hand. 

Will these Top Ups activate my bundles?

Yes. Any Top Up purchased through Clubcard Boost acts the same as any other Top Up purchased from Tesco Mobile.

What happens if I have change from my voucher?

Any change from your voucher will be credited back to your Clubcard Account and included in your next Clubcard Statement.

I have other questions about clubcard deals

For the full range of deals available, as well as frequently asked questions, please check the Clubcard Boost website here.

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