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Move My Number Terms and Conditions

I confirm warrant and represent to Tesco Mobile that I am the Legitimate Owner / Authorised Representative of the above number(s) and I acknowledge that Tesco Mobile relies on these representations.

I confirm and accept the following:

a. this request will terminate service on the above numbers(s) with my existing mobile operator and revokes any previous notice to terminate service with my existing mobile operator;

b. this is a request to Move My Number to Tesco Mobile;

c. I understand that certain services, unused credit, and/or benefits may not be transferable from my existing service provider to Tesco Mobile and may be lost;

d. there may be costs (termination charges) payable and contractual obligations still owed to my existing mobile operator. I understand that I may be liable for any such costs.

e. my existing mobile operator may inform Tesco Mobile that there are overdue amounts on the account.