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International Calls Terms and Conditions

N.B. Landlines only

Terms and conditions:
The Promotion is available to existing and new Tesco Mobile subscribers. The Promotion applies to standard international landline calls made from the Republic of Ireland to the countries listed above. The Promotion therefore does not apply to premium rated, non geographic, non standard or special numbers. The Promotion is subject to reasonable usage, including that all calls must be for customers’ normal and legitimate business or personal use and for a cumulative duration of no more than 200 minutes per day.
In the event that a call exceeds the 200 minutes maximum daily duration allowance it will be disconnected and a notification will be sent. Subsequent calls on the same day will be charged at the regular higher rate. The accumulator will reset at midnight and the fair usage policy will apply. Tesco Mobile reserves the right to withdraw the Promotion or block specific networks in the above listed countries in the event of misuse. *Current international networks that are blocked by Tesco Mobile are; Poland Special and Lithuania Personal Fixed. The Promotion is planned to remain open until 30/09/2017 however, Tesco Mobile may extend, withdraw or change the Promotion at any time without further notice. ** Channel Islands, UK, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Northern Ireland.

The 1c landline promotion for Poland and India will remain until 30/11/2017.