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A Freeze, Please! Tesco Mobile Ireland announces Price Plan Freeze

16% of Irish consumers have switched to a cheaper phone or broadband provider in last two-months
Tesco Mobile customers set to enjoy the same great value

The grand stretch doesn’t just apply to spring evenings anymore, as the increased cost of living is forcing families and individuals to stretch their income against a sharp and unpredictable rise in monthly utility bills, with many of Ireland’s largest mobile providers set to increase their prices over the coming weeks.

Committed to helping households across Ireland cut the cost of connectivity, Tesco Mobile Ireland has taken action to support its customers during these challenging times, by announcing a price freeze across all bill pay plans. Effective immediately, existing and new Tesco Mobile Ireland customers* signing up to or in a 24-month contract will enjoy the same great-value prices, safe in the knowledge that their monthly charge will not change for the duration of their minimum term.

In search of the best value deals, 16% of Irish consumers have switched to a cheaper mobile phone or broadband provider in the last two-months**, with Tesco Mobile Ireland reminding customers that a reliable service shouldn’t come with a premium price tag. With double the points when you register your Clubcard to your Tesco Mobile account, as part of Tesco’s ongoing commitment to providing more value and rewards to customers, every €5 in Clubcard vouchers will also give you €15 off your phone bill.

So, whether you’re a family budgeting for the weeks and months ahead, a student trying to stay connected or a savvy shopper navigating financial uncertainty, Tesco Mobile Ireland provides more help than you’d expect from a supermarket mobile. Switch and save today as you join over 400,000 Tesco Mobile customers across Ireland already enjoying 99% network coverage.

For more information on the Tesco Mobile Ireland price freeze and bill pay plans, visit in-store or online at

Amazing February deals.

Price freeze commitment applies to all new customers that sign up to one of our mobile bill pay price plans before 31/03/2024. Price Freeze commitments means that your monthly recurring charge will not change for the duration of your minimum term.