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tesco mobile

Using your mobile abroad


Once you have a 3G sim card, all Tesco Mobile customers are automatically set up to use their phones abroad. This service is called roaming.

Before you travel

If you are a pay as you go or capped customer, please make sure to top up before you go. Remember bonus and flexible credit will not work whilst roaming.

It is also advisable to register your credit/debit card in case you run out of credit while abroad. You can top up on the ‘My Tesco Mobile’ app or by sending a text containing the number that you wish to top up by (e.g. 10) to 1745

If you are a pay monthly customer, the cost of your usage while roaming will be added to your bill. Roaming usage is not covered in your plan allowance.

Making Calls + Sending Texts

When calling Ireland, dial +353 before the number and drop the zero from the prefix. For example, 01 123 4567 becomes +353 1 123 4567.

If you are making a call within the country you are holidaying in, simply dial the local number

If you are calling another country, dial + and the country code before the number you are dialling For example, if calling a UK number 0123 456 7890, it becomes +44 123 456 7890.

If sending a text message, please make sure that the number you are texting is entered and stored in international format e.g. +353891234567

Travelling to Belgium

When you arrive, you will need to manually select ‘National TMI’ on your phone

Countries Your Phone Will Work In

Roam in over 100 countries with Tesco Mobile

Zone 1 - Europe & EC regulated countries
Zone 2 - Rest of Europe
Zone 3 - Asia Middle East, CIS & Others
Zone 4 - Oceania
Zone 5 - Africa
Zone 6 - North America, Mexico, Caribbean
Zone 7 - Central & South America
Zone 8 - inflight coverage, ferries and cruiseships, satellites
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