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Your Plan

How to perform a Scheduled Top Up.

We offer all PrePay customers the opportunity to perform a monthly scheduled top-up of your account or other Tesco Mobile accounts through My Tesco Mobile.

This great service ensures you have full control of your credit.

It’s so easy. See below for our How-To steps:

  1. Login to our Self-Serve website My Tesco Mobile

  2. Select the Top-Up menu option.

  1. Scroll down the page until you find Manage Payments Arrangements, click on the ‘Add New Card’ button.

  2. If you have already added a card then please skip to ‘Step 1’.

  3. Now just add your credit/debit card number, expiry date and CVC Number and click on the submit button.

  4. When you have added a credit/debit card to your account, we bring you right back to the Top-Up page.

  5. From the Top-Up page you are just a few clicks away from setting up a scheduled top-up.

  6. Once complete, your account is automatically topped-up every month, leaving you stress free to carry on with your day.

How to cancel a Scheduled Top Up