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The Latest iPhone 2019 Rumours

iPhone Rumours 2019 - Tesco Mobile

The latest round of rumours come courtesy of South Korean news agency ETNews (via Gadgets 360), who suggest that not only is Apple busy developing the iPhone 2019, they’ve drafted in a leading South Korean tech company to help make the iPhone 2019 the best model yet.

According to ETNews, Apple recently partnered with South Korea’s JSCK with the goal of developing a triple camera system for next year’s iPhone.

For the unaware, triple camera systems are all the rage and multiple smartphone manufacturers from Samsung to Huawei are working on their own triple camera systems for upcoming smartphones.

So what’s the big deal about triple camera systems anyway?

These ingeniously designed systems enable smartphones to use augmented reality (AR) technology, which is kind of like a ‘lite’ version of virtual reality.

Basically, augmented reality technology combines computer-generated images with the real world, allowing you to superimpose computer graphics into the everyday world.

It’s a pretty popular piece of technology right now and many smartphone manufactures around the world are developing their own versions of it now.

Augmented reality technology can be used for lots of different things, from entertainment to education, retail shopping and healthcare.

It’s definitely the ‘next big thing’ in the world of smartphones, so you can expect to see it become more common over the coming year or two.

ETNews indicates that the iPhone 2019 will most likely go into development at the start of next year with mass production to follow in autumn.

Apple likes to keep its cards pretty close to its chest however, so it may be some time before we receive any sort of confirmation about the next generation of iPhones.

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