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Tesco Mobile’s Top Apps of May 2018

Apps May 2018 - Tesco Mobile

May was another great month for apps and saw the release of some pretty nifty new applications including the debut of Google Tasks, a pretty handy news app and a very useful translation app.

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Google Tasks (iOS / Android)

Google has finally released its Google Tasks app, which aims to simplify creating and managing tasks, reminders and lists.
It’s a great alternative to the various other task managing apps out on the market as it offers a very straightforward process for organising your life.

Cappucino (iOS)

Cappuccino is an iOS-exclusive news app that comes highly recommend for people who like to stay on top of the latest developments in local and global news.
Search for and organise your favourite news sources into one single personalised newsletter, which you can then set to receive either hourly or daily.
With so many different news sources out there today, it’s great to have a dedicated news app like Cappuccino.

eloquī (iOS)

Another iOS-exclusive, this real-time object translation app is ideal for people who love to travel on a regular basis but don’t have the time to learn the local lingo.
Basically, it works like this: load up the app, choose the language you want to translate and aim your smartphone camera at an object to learn the foreign word for said object.
As this is a real-time object translation app the translation are provided immediately, making this app perfect for everyday encounters when abroad.

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