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Introducing iOS 12

Apple iOS 12

Apple is getting ready to release the latest iteration of its iOS operating system for its range of iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets.

There’s quite a lot of new features included with iOS 12 so we’ve put together a handy blog detailing some of the biggest new additions to iOS 12 you’ll be using later this year.

A Faster Operating System

One of the most notable things about iOS 12 is just how fast it is compared to previous versions, with up to 70 percent faster swiping to Camera, 50 percent faster keyboard display and twice as fast app launching under heavy workload.

iOS 12 feels considerably more responsive than iOS 11 and can supports multiple apps at the same time, so you can quickly and effortlessly switch between apps like Camera, Messages and Safari.

FaceTime x 32

Another interesting feature available with iOS 12 is the ability to FaceTime up to 32 people at once as part of the Group FaceTime feature in Messages.

It’s a very handy way of getting in touch with a big group of friends, family or work colleagues at once and can be started from a group thread in Messages or via an invitation.

Animoji 2.0

Apple’s fun animated emoji creator returns on iOS 12 with a new Memoji option that allows you to make your very own personal Animoji avatars.

Memojis can be sent to other iOS 12 users through Messages and FaceTime, and you’ll be able to create and save an unlimited number of Memoji’s to your device.

There’s also four new Animoji’s to choose from: koala, tiger, ghost and T. rex.

Augmented Reality For All

One of the most exciting new features of iOS 12 however has to be ARKit 2, a new and updated version of Apple’s powerful augmented reality tool.

Create your own unique augmented reality experiences and send and receive new AR objects with Messages and Mail.

The above are just a handful of iOS 12’s amazing new features, we’ll have more information about the others closer to when iOS 12 is launched in autumn of this year.

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