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Introducing Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie

Google has announced the arrival of Android 9 Pie, the tech giant’s latest operating system for a range of smartphones including some of the most popular Samsung, HTC and Motorola devices.

Android 9 Pie started rolling our earlier this month but most devices won’t receive the full version of the operating system until early September, so here’s a quick rundown of the biggest features you can look forward to using in the coming weeks.

Harnessing the Power of AI

Perhaps the most exciting element of Android 9 Pie is its improved artificial intelligence technology, which adapts the OS to how you use your smartphone.

Essentially, it keeps your smartphone powered for longer and makes it easier than ever to find your favourite apps when you need them most.

App Actions adapts to your daily routine, predicting what you’ll use your phone for next, while Slices bring the most relevant parts of apps to the surface in an instant.

Digital Wellbeing

Android Pie 9’s other big feature is Digital Wellbeing, a new set of smartphone tools designed to educate users about their smartphone usage and how they can change their phone habits.

You can check how many notifications you get, how much time you spend in different apps, plus how often you check your smartphone during the day (and night).

Set daily time limits for app usage and disconnect from everything but important phone calls at night, with Digital Wellbeing you’ll soon find yourself back in charge.

Android Pie 9 is currently rolling out for a whole host of Android-powered smartphones around the world.

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