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The Best Apps for Cool Kids - Tesco Mobile

Apps can be a great source of entertainment and education for children but with so many apps out on the market it can be tough trying to decide which ones are worth your children’s time.

Fear not however as Tesco Mobile has you covered and our handy roundup of the best apps for cool kids will point you in the right direction towards the most recommended and rewarding children’s apps of 2018 so far.

Education: ABC Kids (iOS / Android)

This fun and simple educational app is designed to help toddlers learn phonics and trace letters of the alphabet before they get started in preschool. It’s full of bright and colourful interactive tracing games that keep toddlers concentrated on learning the alphabet, and unlike other apps aimed at children there are no annoying third party ads or in-app purchases. ABC Kids is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices now.

Entertainment: RTÉjr (iOS / Android)

The RTÉjr app is an on-demand video streaming service that features the very best from RTÉ’s selection of children’s TV and radio programming. It’s a lot safer for children to use compared to other video streaming apps and comes with its own collection of fun games to play. Download it for free for iOS and Android devices today.

Creative: Musical Me! (iOS)

Musical Me! is an award-winning kids app that teaches children the basics of music including notes, pitch and rhythm. It achieves this through fun-filled interactive music games and features 14 popular kid’s songs including Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Download it for your iOS device today.   

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